The Real Reason The Bachelor Contestants Don't Eat On Their Dates

Millions tune in to ABC's "The Bachelor" every Monday night to watch the romance and drama unfold. Season 25 is no different, featuring eligible bachelor Matt James on his quest to find true love. Although fans of the show get to witness many dates between James and the contestants, one thing we don't get to see, however, is people eating. While every scene, date, and activity is guaranteed to have alcohol flowing abundantly, the food (if it's even shown) usually remains untouched. 

For those sitting on the couch at home watching the program, you may be confused as to why no one is eating during those dinner dates, picnics in the field, or whatever other incredibly romantic settings they're in on the show. Turns out, there's a reason behind why the contestants aren't shown eating, and it's actually intentional. Refinery29 looked into why you might not see the cast touch their plates, and the results of their reporting may just surprise "The Bachelor" fans.

The producers want them to talk, not eat, during their dates

Rather than eat on camera during up-close shots and risk talking with their mouths full, or worse, getting something stuck in their teeth, the contestants would skip the meal on camera altogether and talk about their love — or lack thereof — instead. Jaclyn Swartz, who appeared on season 16 of "The Bachelor," in addition to franchise offshoots "Bachelor Pad" and "Bachelor in Paradise," revealed to Refinery29 the reason the cast does not eat during the dates. "We eat before the dates, as we are getting ready," Swartz shared. "The producers will bring room service to your room or a plate of food to where you're getting ready in the house." 

We're all relieved that they still do get to eat, even if watching all that food go to waste can be a little painful at times. "No one wants to watch people stuffing their face on a date," added Swartz in her interview with Refinery29. "If you're eating, you aren't talking." Remember this when watching upcoming seasons: The drama and falling in love may happen in front of the camera, but eating takes place behind the scenes, off-camera.