12 Popular Grape Jelly Brands Ranked Worst To Best

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Grape Jelly. The term might take you back to your middle school days when you opened up your lunchbox and found that your mom had made you a delicious peanut butter and jelly sandwich. While you might not eat as many PB&J sandwiches now, grape jelly itself is still satisfying with your morning toast, crackers, cheese, or to sweeten a drink. Thanks to its fruit content, grape jelly also has many health benefits, such as supporting heart health and lowering inflammation (via Live Science).

When you go to your local grocery store, you'll find shelves upon shelves of jams and jellies made from a wide assortment of fruits including strawberries, peaches, and of course, grapes. If you are looking for a jar of grape jelly, you may be overwhelmed when trying to figure out which will taste the best. Set any uncertainties aside because we have gone through 12 of the most popular grape jellies offered in stores and ranked them. The next time you are looking for grape jelly, you'll be able to make the grape-est choice.

12. Smucker's Squeeze Grape Jelly

We adore Smucker's Jelly — it's typically available at breakfast diners or restaurants to put on top of toast or pancakes. Normally, Smucker's places high on jelly ranking lists, but in the case of their Squeeze Grape Jelly, we were quite disappointed with the quality of the product. The squeeze bottle itself is a very innovative idea, and we like the idea of an easier mess-free way to spread jelly. However, the creative bottle format seems to come at the expense of the jelly itself.

This Smucker's variation seems less like jelly and instead, the texture is more like a grape syrup.  While standard jelly should have a firm consistency, we found that the squeeze jelly was a lot more liquid. Many Amazon reviews back this up, stating that the squeezable jelly is "like a jelly syrup ... won't be buying this again." The taste of the jelly itself is not awful and far from the worst thing we've done to our toast. Regardless, with all of the grape jelly's on offer, we wouldn't waste a breakfast on Smucker's Squeeze Jelly.

11. Concord Grape Jelly by Good Good

Yep, you read that right: This option is perfect for people who want to enjoy grape jelly but also maintain a keto diet. Good Good's Concord Grape Jelly has no added sugars which makes this jelly keto-friendly and perfect for your meals. The Good Good company was created by three friends who were worried about the high amount of sugar in the average diet. Their aim is to produce jellies, jams, and other goods to counter the usual excess levels of sugar — all without giving up on the taste!

This jelly only has 3 grams of sugar alcohols and 5 calories in a single tablespoon. It also tastes great and comes pretty close to actual jelly, which is incredible considering it is keto-friendly and sugar conscious. The Amazon reviews for this product are rather mixed, with some people excited to find something that tastes similar to jelly while being quite different, whereas others feel as though this particular product misses the mark, claiming that the "consistency is watery." So, while we appreciate a keto-friendly option, we'd likely recommend other grape jellies if you're looking for minimal sugar.

10. Smucker's Reduced Sugar Concord Grape Jelly

This Smucker's product is certainly more like jelly than not — and it's tasty! Smucker's Reduced Sugar Concord Grape Jelly is one of the company's numerous grape jelly products, but it has 50% less sugar than the standard and fewer calories. Specifically, one tablespoon counts 25 calories and 6 grams of sugar. It tastes quite similar to the standard Smucker's jelly, though naturally, a bit less sweet being a low-sugar option.

If not for the many other delicious jellies we still have to get through, we would recommend this to almost everyone. If you are looking for a healthier jelly with less sugar and real fruit juice, then this jelly option is the one for you. However, some of the reviews from Smucker's website note that before the grape jelly reached its expiration date, the product had gone moldy and become inedible. Since it contains less sugar, proper refrigeration is key. 

9. Amish Wedding Old Fashioned Concord Grape Jelly

This Amish Grape Jelly surprised us with its surprisingly scrumptious flavor and natural ingredients. The Amish Wedding Old Fashioned Concord Grape Jelly was initially sold in the Troyer Market in Berlin, though they have expanded and established a store in Amish Country, Ohio. It can also be purchased at Walmart and other online stores making it easy for people all over the world to order this grape jelly. You'll definitely want to try it out!

Most Amazon reviews for this product are very supportive of the jelly and give plenty of praise for the flavor. Some comments claim the Amish jelly is superior to other brands, and others go so far as to state that "This is the best grape jelly ever!" On the flip side, a few reviews are negative and report that the jelly is somewhat watery. Nevertheless, we really enjoyed this product, and it was a nice addition to this list's lineup.

8. Smuckers Concord Grape Jelly

While some of its other products left us wanting more, Smucker's Concord Grape Jelly shows that the company can create a favorable grape spread, not just a syrup. This iconic jelly is made with only a few ingredients, namely Concord grape juice, and it proves that simplicity can be delicious. The sweet flavor is pleasant and makes a great match for a peanut butter sandwich or served with cheese on a charcuterie board. The texture is solid and easily spreadable. The product is also described as being Kosher Pareve, which is a Hebrew term meaning without dairy or meat (via Chabad).

While we enjoyed this Smucker's Grape Jelly, consumer reviews are somewhat divided. Some customers on the Smucker's website feel that the jelly is "too sweet," while others cannot seem to pinpoint a flavor beneath the sugar. Regardless, if you are in a rush and the only grape jam you can find on the shelves is Smucker's Concord Grape Jelly, it wouldn't be the worst spread you've ever had and it would easily make a decent PB&J sandwich.

7. Bonne Maman Grape Jelly

The Bonne Maman Grape Jelly is a spectacular find, and we were excited to try it out along with the other jellies. Bonne Maman was founded in a village in Southwest France, and the company specializes in kitchenware, teas, and especially jellies. Their grape jelly did not disappoint! Unlike many of the products on this list, Bonne Maman's isn't made primarily from Concord grapes, but instead, Muscat grapes which provide the jelly with a fruity, rich flavor. Health-conscious consumers will be glad to know that according to the product's website, the jelly contains no high-fructose corn syrup, additives, or coloring.

The Amazon product reviews praise the delicious flavor, which is certainly an endorsement. However, two elements kept us from placing this jelly any higher. Shipping was a notable issue for consumers, and many reviews showed photos of jars arriving broken and unfit for consumption. Another problem we have with this product is accessibility. It is difficult to purchase it in stores, and many online reviews mentioned similar problems in obtaining this flavor of Bonne Maman jelly. Nonetheless, these concerns are unrelated to the excellent flavor. We really enjoyed this jelly and if you ever see it on store shelves, we recommend you try it out!

6. Trader Joe's Organic Concord Grape Jelly

Boy, are we familiar with Trader Joe's. The American chain of grocery stores has been around since 1967, providing customers with quality products under its own label. Among the wide selection is their Organic Concord Grape Jelly. The jelly itself is a dark purple color and contains no high-fructose corn syrup. The consistency is nice and it tastes like genuine Concord grapes. Consumers on Amazon claim that "The flavor is unbelievably more intense than regular commercial jelly." With all that in mind, you might be wondering why this jelly isn't in the top three on this list.

Keep in mind that this list consists of numerous delicious sweet jellies, and it's not easy to pick out favorites. So just because Trader Joe's isn't at the top of the list, it doesn't mean that it isn't great. A common issue with the product is not related to the jelly's flavor but to the price. Online, the price for a single jar is $12.50 in part due to the organic certification. Compared to the other jellies on this list, it comes out a bit pricey for a small jar. For these reasons, Trader Joe's Organic Concord Grape Jelly isn't quite at the top of the list.

5. Aldi's Berryhill Grape Jelly

If you're looking for good spreadable grape jelly at a low price, Aldi grocery stores have the perfect option in stock. Aldi's Berryhill Grape Jelly is made with Concord grapes, and the flavor is great in foods and drinks. Our next favorite feature is the affordable price: You can get 30 ounces of this grape jelly for less than $2. That's one of the cheapest prices for a grape jelly on this entire list, ensuring affordable PB&J's for everyone.

However, just because it's cheap, does it follow that it also tastes good? In fact, it does! This jelly comes in an inky purple color and it is just as sweet and firm as other jellies on this list. Pair it with a crispy slice of toast and you're set. If you're looking for an inexpensive and tasty jelly, head to Aldi's right now and pick up a jar or two of this one.

4. Walmart's Great Value Concord Grape Jelly

We all know Walmart as one of the largest chains of retail department stores around. If you've ever stepped inside the huge department store, then you know they stock a wide amount of products. It should come as no surprise that Walmart's Great Value Concord Grape Jelly takes a spot on this list. Alongside Aldi's grape jelly, this brand sells at an astronomically low price, and a 30-ounce jar is listed at $1.97 on Walmart's website.

Aside from being affordable, it also tastes great. This jelly is sweet with an obvious grape flavor and a high rating online. Walmart reviews go so far as to claim that this jelly, "Tastes just as good as the higher cost brand." Other reviews describe it as being firm and jam-like, holding together better than most jellies. Because there are Walmarts all across the world, it also means that this grape jelly is easily accessible to the public. Because of these characteristics, Walmart's grape jelly has earned itself a high spot in this ranking.

3. Stonewall Kitchen Concord Grape Jelly

Stonewall Kitchen's Concord Grape Jelly has an excellent flavor, placing it in our top three favorites. The product advertises itself as being gluten-free, GMO-free, and filled with antioxidants which help reduce cell damage in our bodies. With that in mind, this makes Stonewall's Jelly a pretty smart choice for your daily spread.

Stonewall's Grape Jelly is sweet, spreadable, and great to serve with pastries and toast. However, it isn't as economical as other options on the list, and is similar in price to Trader Joe's version. On Amazon, Stonewall Kitchen's jelly is on sale for about $14 per 13-ounce jar which sets it far above other store-bought options. Luckily, if you can order it directly from the company, the price comes out at $8.25 for a jar. We do warn buyers to pay attention to the pop lid, which some reviewers claim fails to seal to keep the jelly fresh.

2. Crofters Organic Concord Grape Spread

Another brand that pursues a healthier organic formula, Crofters Organic Concord Grape Spread approaches the top of our list. Not only is the grape jelly seedless, but it is also environmentally friendly, vegan, and gluten-free. If you're worried about allergies, you should be able to freely enjoy this jelly. The Crofters website also notes that unlike most grape jellies, the full grape flavor is retained. This is an optimal move on Crofters' part because it leaves us with a smooth and flavorful jelly.

As well, Crofters Grape jelly is tart with a well-balanced sweetness that many jellies seem to struggle to find. The website claims that it's also perfect for salads and alcoholic beverages — not just for pastries and toast! The Amazon reviews for this product are overly positive, with only a few scattered complaints about the occasional watery jar. Other than that, most consumers have fallen in love with Crofters, and for that, their grape jelly has secured a high spot on this list.

1. Welch's Concord Grape Jelly

When you think of Welch's, you might remember the small blue packets of highly-addictive fruit gummies. However, we aren't here to talk about Welch's fruit gummies or any of their other products. Instead, we're eager to praise their Concord Grape Jelly. The jelly itself contains no artificial flavors or coloring and is a deep, dark purple. It also has a wonderfully firm but spreadable consistency, perfect for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or grape jelly meatballs.

You would be hard-pressed to find anyone bad-mouthing Welch's Concord Grape Jelly. With a high rating of 4.8 stars on Amazon, grape jelly lovers flock to stock up on Welch's. The Amazon reviews for the product are overly supportive, and one person indicates it's "the best grape jelly I have ever had!" Welch's Grape Jelly is also sold for quite a bargain. On Amazon, you can purchase four 30-ounce jars for $13.08. That's 120 whole ounces of grape jelly heaven! We recommend this product not just for the quality, but the quantity at which you can cheaply purchase it. For all of these reasons, Welch's Concord Grape Jelly has landed itself at the top of this grape jelly list.