Starbucks Just Announced The Return Of This Fan-Favorite Latte

Even if you have your go-to Starbucks drink, chances are you've taken a peek at the intriguing seasonal beverages that pop up on the coffee chain's menu from time to time. Perhaps you've even sampled one or two over the years. Sometimes, fans are dismayed to find that a beloved drink they used to order during a particular season is no longer available, removed to make way for new offerings. But sometimes, these favorites — like one particular nutty caffeinated beverage — find their way back to the menu.

Now that the holidays are over, some seasonal favorites, like the Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte, are leaving menus for the time being. Starbucks has now begun rolling out its winter menu, starting January 4, 2022 — and, per Delish, a fan favorite that debuted last year has returned. The Pistachio Latte features a pistachio sauce and salted brown butter topping and can be served either hot, iced, or blended as a Frappuccino, with whatever milk you personally prefer.

As Starbucks Stories & News explains, the latte was initially conceived as a way to pay tribute to Italian flavors and bring a creation once created solely for Roastery locations to a wider Starbucks audience. 

What fans are saying about the pistachio latte's return

The coffee chain also took to Instagram to announce the return of the pistachio latte in the United States and Canada. Within just a few hours, the simple post racked up over 60,000 likes and over 1,000 comments from pistachio-loving fans who couldn't wait to get their fix again.

One fan could hardly believe her eyes, writing "is this real life?!?" followed by a string of heart eyes emoji. "Sip sip hooray!" another rejoiced. Another fan, who appeared to have developed a penchant for the pistachio beverage during its inaugural run, declared "I've missed this drink! It's so good!" If you're not much of a latte fan, there are options for you as well — the pistachio sauce itself can be added to whatever drink you like. One Instagram user commented that the syrup "is so good in an oatmilk matcha latte," for example.

And for those who are uncertain about sipping a neon green beverage, fear not — the pistachio sauce used actually results in a latte with a standard coffee-colored hue, as advertisements for the drink demonstrate. Starbucks Stories & News explains that this just has to do with processing — while raw pistachios are indeed green, processing breaks down that pigment until the end result is a neutral almond shade that may prove a bit more appetizing for some coffee lovers.