Duff Goldman's Reaction To This Potato-Themed Event Is So Relatable

While many food events highlight an array of dishes and ingredients, others put the spotlight on a single item. According to Newsweek, there has been a garlic festival in Gilroy, California, for four decades running. The Ellsworth's Cheese Curd Festival in Wisconsin is a yearly celebration held in June, when guests can enjoy 6,000 pounds of the chewy, creamy delight. The Waikiki Spam Jam is one of the top annual food festivals in Hawaii touting the versatility of the ultra-savory canned meat.

It's clear that food events celebrating one ingredient are not uncommon, and the Potato Expo in Anaheim, California, is no exception. According to its official website, the Potato Expo is the "largest annual potato industry conference and trade show held in North America." The schedule for the event includes meetings and panels about the potato industry, as well as a few exciting happenings showcasing the versatile spuds, including a baked potato bar, beer garden, and food truck festival. Celebrity chef Simon Majumdar held a cooking demonstration at this year's Potato Expo, and when he tweeted a photo about it, Duff Goldman had a hilariously relatable reaction.

Goldman was shocked that he had never heard of the Potato Expo

When chef Simon Majumdar casually dropped a photo of him cooking aloo gobi and gamjajeon (Korean-style potato pancakes) at the 2022 Potato Expo on Twitter, Goldman was immediately jealous that he hadn't scored an invite to the spud-centric event. "WHY DIDN'T I KNOW THERE WAS SOMETHING CALLED 'THE POTATO EXPO,”' he shout-tweeted. His wife, Johnna Goldman, replied on Twitter with a GIF of Tina Fey as Liz Lemon from "30 Rock" saying dreamily, "I want to go to there." Even "Chopped" host Ted Allen chimed in on the conversation with, "My feelings exactly. As I replied to Simon's post, the potato is a miracle product—as much a miracle as are eggs." Majumdar iconically responded to the group of gourmands that "the information is shared on a 'spud to know basis.'"

The Ace of Cakes is no stranger to sharing his thoughts on social media, and he truly united potato lovers with this reaction. He kept the potato love going in a follow-up tweet: "I feel like my house is a potato expo four times a week," and honestly, same.