Here's What Happened To IncrEdible Eats After Shark Tank

Do you ever think about the plastic utensils in the bottom of your take-out bag typically hidden underneath those brown paper napkins? If anything, you probably wonder why they sent you them in the first place. You have your own utensils, after all, and ones that are probably less prone to breaking apart while you eat with them. While plastic utensils are a take-out staple at many restaurants, some might think they create more waste, and they would be correct.

Per Habits of Waste, every year an astounding 40 billion plastic utensils are used once, and then tossed away. There have been suggestions on how to combat this enormous waste. For example, National Geographic recommends bringing your own cutlery in a carrying case to use in place of the plastic ones supplied by some eateries. 

However, one man's solution to lessening the waste gave the investors of Shark Tank something to chew on. IncrEdible Eats, founded by engineer Dinesh Tadepalli, has created edible spoons from natural products like wheat, corn, rice, and chickpeas, and they come in a variety of delicious flavors. Shark Lori Greiner agreed to invest in Tadepalli's company for $500,000 with 12% of the revenue. We take a look at IncrEdible Eat's today and see if the world of edible utensils are as popular as Tadepalli and Greiner had hoped they'd be.

IncrEdible Eats is expanding

If you think an edible fork is just ridiculous and that Tadepalli was wasting his time, you'd better be prepared to eat those words — perhaps with an IncrEdible Eats spoon. According to Shark Tank Tales, the company began operating as a business-to-consumer model, as it struggled to gain traction as a business-to-business model during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

However, this was only a small setback as TheCinemaholic reports that Dinesh has partnered with some food services and ice cream shops to help expand his reach. The company is doing so well, in fact, that it's adding straws, sporks, chopsticks, knives, and even bowls to its upcoming product list.

Positive reviews are always a help. Food-tech website, THE SPOON, notes the remarkable sturdiness of IncrEdible Eats spoon, claiming it didn't crumble or break down when exposed to hot broth or cold milk. The review also mentions the delicious flavors, sharing the vanilla spoon tastes like a Nilla wafer, while the oregano spoon tastes like a vegetable cracker.

If you want to try one of these edible utensils for yourself, you can purchase them from the company's website. Expect to pay $8.99 for a 15-pack of the revamped flavored spoons, called 2.0, or $11.99 for a 15-pack of the large 2.0 spoons. And if you're wondering, they are about 20 calories each.