The Exciting Reason The Queen Is Holding A Baking Competition

This year marks the 70th year on the throne for Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, per CNN, and to celebrate, Great Britain is throwing a Platinum Jubilee in June during which revelers will be treated to what Royal Central calls everything from "street parties to tea dances." Of course, a big part of all celebrations is food, and it has just been announced that a search has been launched to find the best pudding in the country (aka a dessert, according to British Food History) to serve at the Jubilee's lunches, including the guest of honor, Queen Elizabeth herself.

The contest, dubbed "The Platinum Pudding Competition," is being hosted by British department store Fortnum & Mason and the finalists will be evaluated by several notable judges including Dame Mary Berry of "Great British Bake-Off" fame and Mark Flanagan, the executive chef at Buckingham Palace. According to the "Today Show," all Brits over the age of eight-years-old are welcome to enter. The top five bakers' creations will compete in a live final where the winner will be chosen. The winning dessert will not only be served at Jubilee lunches, but the recipe will also be released to all pudding-lovers worldwide looking to feast like Queen Elizabeth.

Contest tips for making a pudding fit for the Queen

While those of us who are Stateside might think of a pudding as a creamy, custard-like dessert, across the pond the definition of pudding is much broader, something Fortnum & Mason addressed in the competition guidelines. Essentially, the word "pudding" means "dessert" in British dialect, and includes a myriad of categories including savory options, baked goods, fried fritters, and also gelatin-based delights. The competition's website also laid out a few guidelines, encouraging bakers to make something that could easily be recreated in home kitchens across the country, and adding that bakers should share the story behind the pudding, whether it be a family recipe or maybe even be influenced by the Queen herself. 

Mark Flanagan took to the Royals' official Instagram page to share some tips for those hoping to win a chance to have Queen Elizabeth enjoy their dessert, including to "keep it simple, subtle, and elegant." Bakers chimed in, posting in the comments lots of raining hearts emojis and tagging their friends whom they think would be great contenders. Another Instagrammer expressed excitement about the abundance of puddings to be tasted, writing, "I am on hand to try allllllll of the recipes." The competition opens today, January 10, and runs through February 4 — so, on your mark, get ready, and bake!