Here's How Queen Elizabeth Prefers Her Meat

Queen Elizabeth is known for many things, including her decades-long reign, her colorful wardrobe, and her love of Corgis. Over the many years she has been in the public eye, we have learned that several common dietary staples will never appear on the queen's dinner table. According to Delish, the monarch does not eat shellfish, pasta, rice, potatoes, onions, or anything made with garlic. She does, however, love to dine on containers of fresh fruit and enjoys a slice of her favorite cake every day (via Hello!)

But you may ask: How does the queen prefer her meat cooked? If there is any trace of rare pinkness whatsoever, she likely will not eat the burger or piece of steak, roast, or venison that is in front of her (via Prevention). As it turns out, she likes her meat prepared in a way that some chefs might not typically agree with.

Queen Elizabeth II likes her meat well done

Queen Elizabeth II prefers her meat well done, or cooked thoroughly to the point of firmness with no signs of pink when cut, per Prevention. Although some people in the culinary world say you should never order your steak well done because it causes the meat to lose its quintessential juiciness and flavor, the head of state in Buckingham Palace gets what she wants. According to Darren McGrady, who served as the Royal Family's chef for 15 years, it was "really, really important" to cook the queen's meat to her liking. She enjoys beef tenderloin and prime rib on occasion, but her favorite gamey fare is venison.

The queen's steak preferences aren't the only interesting detail about how she eats meat. She also eats burgers with a fork and knife — and without a bun — due to an old Victorian tradition that restricts her from eating with her fingers, according to Insider.