The Bob Saget Sandwich, Explained

In 2019, the late actor and comedian Bob Saget joined Al Roker on his "Cold Cuts" show, sharing a really good sandwich recipe, some laughs, and some of that effusive generosity of spirit that he was known for. Saget apparently knew a few things about a good sandwich. He once explained to Hoopla, "I was a very good deli clerk, except you'd go home and smell of bologna."

Known for his portrayal of TV dad Danny Tanner, and as the narrator in "How I met Your mother," Saget was found dead in bed in his Florida hotel room on Sunday. An autopsy has been performed, CNN notes that there weren't any indications of foul play or drug use. He is survived by his wife, Kelly Rizzo, three daughters, an industry that had nothing but love and respect for him, and an entire generation of TV viewers who grew up watching as he brought humor, kindness, and integrity into their homes each week.

In the segment, the sandwich itself looks delicious, the quips about outliving his wife are beyond poignant, and his easy repartee with Al Roker evokes sniffles, a few real tears, and the feeling that they just don't make 'em like that anymore. That's referring to Saget, not the sandwich, which is easily replicated, and really does look delectable.

A delicious memory

As shown on the "Cold Cuts" segment, the Bob Saget Sandwich starts with sourdough bread, lightly grilled in olive oil. Though Saget confesses a love of "salty" meats ingrained in him by his father, who was a meat industry executive, he goes for the fresh turkey, which is a nod to his health-conscious wife. One piece of bread is slathered in mayonnaise, the other in red pepper aioli. It also contains a few pieces of Saget's favorite cheese, Jarlsburg. He also heats some roasted peppers, for warmth, which Roker says "really makes the sandwich" and has the benefit of melting the cheese a bit. Grilled romaine adds crunch. Sliced pickles finish the sandwich.

The two chat as they cook, and the one-liners abound. Saget shares that he has stayed in touch with all of his "Full House" costars, and attributes his success to his work ethic, saying that his secret was simply that he "work[ed] really hard." His advice to young people: do something you love, and "don't think you can't make it." Once the sandwich prep is completed, the two dig into the Bob Saget Sandwich, and they really do seem to enjoy it, and each other. Hugs are shared, parting words of gratitude exchanged. Roker closes out the segment saying "this has just been delightful. I always want to spend more time with you." Truer words were never spoken.