Duff Goldman Applauds Little Chef's Cinnamon Roll Waffles

While some people love waking up to a savory breakfast and the smell of eggs and bacon, some of us just can't get enough of sweets for the perfect start to our mornings. Whether it's pancakes, waffles, or pastries, there are plenty of decadent ways to satisfy your sweet tooth in the morning. But what about combining two of your favorite sweet breakfast items into one? You could look for something extravagant like a cronut or cinnamon roll waffles.

Although cinnamon roll waffles might sound like something you'd grab at brunch, you can easily make a few changes to a regular waffle to achieve them. Making them can be as straightforward as popping Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls in a waffle maker and topping them with the icing that comes with the package (via Tablespoon).you could also go the route laid out on Allrecipes and make the batter from basic ingredients like flour, baking powder, and eggs, plus a simple-to-whip-up cream cheese frosting. Either way, it's easy enough that a kid could do it! 

Recently, Twitter user @blueyedpiscez posted a picture of cinnamon roll waffles with the caption, "Let your kids be in the kitchen, either cooking with you, or doing something themselves with your supervision. These are sooooo good, I'm so proud of my little chef," and tagged famed pastry chef Duff Goldman. He responded with a simple but encouraging "Nice work, little chef!" in his own tweet, and we bet he's made the child and parent's day.

What might go into making a perfect cinnamon roll waffle?

Based on the tweet that caught Duff Goldman's attention, it looks like the cinnamon roll waffles might have been topped with cinnamon (could also have been in the batter!), and covered in gooey icing. We don't know how exactly they were whipped up, but if you're looking to make perfect cinnamon rolls from scratch and maybe even turn them into perfect cinnamon roll waffles, Goldman might have some advice you can use.

One thing Goldman says important for making perfect cinnamon rolls is keeping the butter for the filling at the right temperature. Instead of using melted butter, he recommends that you use butter that's just below room temperature (via Twitter). In another tweet, Goldman wrote, "I think most of the magic of cinnamon rolls comes from the mixing of the dough and achieving a pseudo-lamination when you roll them up." That's important to keep in mind because some of the mistakes that people often make when trying to make homemade cinnamon rolls include overmixing or not kneading the dough enough. With some of those tips in mind, you could try to make a giant cinnamon roll or maybe a giant cinnamon roll waffle.