Reddit Wishes Food Network Shows Would Learn From School Of Chocolate

On Netflix's recently debuted competition cooking show, "School of Chocolate," contestants have the opportunity to learn from Amaury Guichon, a pastry chef and chocolatier who creates elaborate, seemingly impossible sculptures out of chocolate. After a thorough education on the art of pastry, Guichon rose to fame on social media, according to the Mediterranean Gastronomy Academy, garnering 5.5 million followers on Instagram and millions of views on YouTube videos of his creations.

Guichon's "School of Chocolate" is a unique competition cooking show in that, while there is a grand prize, contestants are not eliminated, Mashable explains. Guichon is there as less of a judge and more of a coach who provides the aspiring chocolatiers and pastry chefs with constructive feedback. "You don't get this chance in the industry to learn and grow," said one contestant in the show's trailer. So far, according to users on Reddit, viewers have found this take on the typical competition series to be refreshing — and something Food Network might want to learn from.

"School of Chocolate" fans like its focus on improving rather than competing

Netflix viewers have taken to Reddit to voice their appreciation for the learning experience that "School of Chocolate" and Amaury Guichon give contestants on the series, with one saying it "sets the bar for what Food Network competition shows should be." The same user remarked on the show's slower pace and lack of "gimmicks," which they said gives the contestants the chance to improve, bond, and appreciate each other's work.

Many commenters agreed and were especially approving of the show's no-eliminations policy. "To me, it is key that the focus was on learning and not winning (hence, 'school' instead of 'championship')," one response said. Another said that the way contestants remain on the show the whole time allows viewers to "see their growth" and get to know them as people. A different user mentioned a similar Netflix show that also did not have eliminations, suggesting that there could be a growing demand for more educational, less "aggressive" cooking competition series in the coming years.