The Big Issue Some People Have With Competition Baking Shows

Baking shows are quite a popular option among viewers who enjoy watching talented chefs compete against each other as they prepare the most delectable treats. There's a lot that goes into making these shows. Consider the "Great British Baking Show," for example. The competition is intense and participants hardly have any time to breathe, according to Mental Floss. A former contestant from the "Great British Baking Show" said, "They don't like it if you have nothing to do, so they try and make the challenges as difficult as possible to keep you busy." It makes sense; people standing idle doesn't make for compelling TV.

Also, luck does play a major role. Celebrity pastry chef Duff Goldman told Insider, "The shows aren't cumulative unless specifically stated. One contestant can absolutely crush it all the way through a season and then one bad day can get them sent home. It's a tough break but them's the rules." Ouch. That's pretty hardcore, isn't it?

Viewers have their own opinions about the shows, of course. Redditors discussed some of the most bothersome details from popular baking shows in a thread a few months ago. 

Some viewers believe that the contests can be unfair

An astute viewer pointed out that they don't understand why some contestants have to deal with tougher ingredients than those assigned to their peers. They wrote on Reddit, "It really bothers me that they aren't judging how people do with the same challenges and ingredients ... Maybe it's just me, but no way I can tell who's better than others when they're all baking different stuff." They gave an example: something like rose is much more difficult to work with, because it can end up tasting like soap.

Many other Reddit commenters were inclined to agree with this sentiment and said that they've watched some really tricky challenges as contestants struggled to work with irksome ingredients like sour apples and chocolate. Another viewer pointed out that those who present their dishes first have an advantage because it's pretty exhausting  for the judges to taste something like chocolate cake several times in one session.