NBA Fans Won't Want To Miss These Michelob Ultra Beer Cans

What's better than watching basketball with your friends? Watching basketball with your friends and a round of on-theme drinks! If you're a fan of the Chicago Bulls, you may have heard about Scottie Pippen's Digits Bourbon Barrel Aged Tea late last year. Starting this week, there's another new beverage option for sports viewers who want to rep their favorite NBA team while sipping on a boozy drink.

According to AdWeek, Michelob Ultra replaced Budweiser as the official beer sponsor for the National Basketball Association in 2020. Now, you can get specially designed and branded cans of Michelob Ultra beer spotlighting your favorite NBA team out of 18 different options, as reported by Foodbeast. The look of each limited-edition can was designed by four artists whose work spans "streetwear, sports, and entertainment." By the looks of the pictures, the designs feature bold fonts and splashes of color representing each basketball team.

Which teams are featured on the Michelob Ultra beer cans?

Wondering which 18 NBA teams made it onto Michelob Ultra's new beer cans? According to MLive, the Detroit Pistons, Philadelphia 76ers, Los Angeles Lakers, New York Knicks, Memphis Grizzlies, and Miami Heat got their own drinkable designs, to name a few. Sophia Chang, one of the artists behind the limited-edition cans, explained that each drink references city-specific graphics and phrases that true sports fans will recognize. Drawings on the Pistons can, for example, nod to the team's championship win in 2004. Wondering where to pick up a pack of the NBA beers? Foodbeast reports that you can find them at arenas or where alcoholic beverages are sold now.

Michelob Ultra isn't the only brand in the food and beverage space that has promoted basketball-themed items in recent months. Chipotle, for instance, created a team menu featuring the go-to orders of several sports stars, including NBA player Tyler Herro, according to Forbes.