Seth Rogen Revealed The Food Trend He Doesn't Approve Of On Hot Ones

"Hot Ones" has been sweeping the internet since 2015 with its celebrity interview format offering "hot questions and even hotter wings." The series of spicy interviews has featured celebrities and chefs alike over the years, from Shaquille O'Neal to Gordon Ramsay. According to The Verge, co-founder Chris Schonberger (behind First We Feast) came up with the idea for the show because he was the "hot sauce guy" in college and was entertained by his friends' reactions to the spicy condiment. He approached colleague and friend Sean Evans, who was then a new employee at Complex Networks, about the idea for the show, saying, "What do you think of a show where we interview celebrities while making them eat violently hot chicken wings," and Evans immediately jumped on board (via The Verge).

If you've never seen the show, Evans asks celebrities 10 questions while they eat 10 progressively spicier hot wings. He starts the interview with the juiciest ones, because it becomes increasingly difficult for the interviewees to speak as the food get hotter. Although the questions get a bit easier, sometimes the guests let secrets slip as they feel the euphoric effects of the spice. According to Business Insider, when we eat spicy foods, our brain releases endorphins and dopamine in response to the pain, which creates a feeling similar to a "runner's high." So, it's possible that Seth Rogen was feeling these effects when he dropped this truth bomb about a food trend he can't get on board with in a recent episode.

Rogen says he doesn't like thick burger patties

Seth Rogen made his first appearance on "Hot Ones" in 2017 and returned for a second spicy inquisition in January of 2022. Believe it or not, celebrities don't go on this show just to suffer the heat, they are given a platform to promote their upcoming projects. In Rogen's case, he was speaking about the Hulu limited series "Pam & Tommy" and Amazon Prime's "The Boys Presents: Diabolical." After they discussed his upcoming projects, however, Evans asked the actor and producer about his appearances on "The Burger Show" (another First We Feast program) and why he hates burgers with thick patties so much. As Rogen explains in the YouTube clip, he hated on thick patties even before the "smash burger" craze took over — where the patty is smashed down as it cooks, thinning it out and caramelizing it, per The Infatuation — and it was very validating when thin patties became trendy instead.

"I just don't love these thick patties that started sweeping the nation, I love a thin crispy burger. I would also rather eat more small burgers than one big burger," he said. Rogen also noted that, after being on "The Burger Show," he was selected as one of the All-Star judges for L.A. Food and Wine's Burger Throwdown, which he claims was one of the greatest days of his entire life. If you didn't know before, now you know that Seth Rogen, along with his many other accolades, is a burger connoisseur who doesn't mess with thick patties.