Louie Anderson Fans Are Reminiscing About His Baskets Character's Love Of Costco

Acclaimed stand-up comedian and actor Louie Anderson died at the age of 68 from complications related to blood cancer. His fans are reminiscing about the work he's played over the years that has brought joy to so many. According to USA Today, Anderson performed his first stand-up routine on "The Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson in 1984. After that, he continued to perform stand-up and eventually secured a residency in Las Vegas called "Louie: Larger Than Life" (via People). In addition to his Vegas residency, Anderson appeared as a guest star in several sitcoms and even created his own called "Life with Louie."

One of his most recent and notable roles was on the show "Baskets," where he portrayed Christine Baskets, the mother of twins (both played by Zach Galifianakis). In an interview with "CBS Sunday Morning," Anderson described Christine Baskets as "every woman" and his inspiration for the role largely came from his own mother. "It's her humanity and her love that I think people are connecting to," said Anderson (via YouTube). Since Anderson's passing, people are looking back on his stand-out performance as the loving matriarch, notably when she raved about a topic that many moms are probably passionate about: shopping at Costco.

Christine Baskets had 'every membership ever offered by Costco'

When Christine Baskets professed her love of Costco, a lot of us might have seen our own moms bragging about the latest deal or showing off their haul. Louie Anderson's portrayal of a loving mother was spot on, and people are reflecting on Christine Baskets' hilarious and relatable love of Costco on social media. There is a YouTube video that focuses solely on Christine's love of Costco. Toward the end of the scene, Christine declares, "I've got every membership ever offered by Costco." And "Baskets" fans can't get enough of it. 

People have lauded the clip over time. A few years back, a commenter remarked, "This video has literally sold me. I'm buying a membership to Costco because I somehow feel like I'll bump into Christine baskets while shopping there and that would make me very happy." "We all know that mom that constantly talks about the deals at Costco," said another user. 

Following Anderson's death, a few viewers revisited that clip and expressed gratitude and sadness in the comments. As one person shared, "Coming back to this after hearing about Louie's death. RIP. Such a big loss." Another fan wrote, "This is a great Baskets scene. Rest in Peace Louie, we will miss your talent!" Reddit is also paying tribute to Christine Baskets in a thread dedicated to her love of Costco. "Pouring myself a Kirkland on the rocks in memoriam," commented @arnoldosea. "I loved him in Baskets so much. A true bulk buy icon," said @bouncyandrea.