Kate Hudson Divides Instagram With Meatless Lasagna

A classic lasagna recipe includes a few staples like thin pasta sheets, mozzarella cheese, and tomato sauce. Of course, family recipes and culinary creators add their own twists to this Italian dish by way of using different cheeses, spices, and proteins, or perhaps swapping the pasta for sliced zucchini. So why would a versatile recipe create such chaos on the internet? 

An Instagram post by Kate Hudson has done just that, and for more than one reason. A few years ago, Hudson joined WW, previously known as Weight Watchers, as the company's brand ambassador. She explained that the move came at an ideal time, just after the birth of her third baby, giving her a "simple and helpful" way to focus on her health (via People). The actress shares healthy WW recipes, along with fitness tips, with her 14.5 million followers. 

A lasagna recipe she posted from the WW website calls for butternut squash, fresh and dried shiitake mushrooms in place of meat, whole wheat lasagna sheets, and sage for flavor. Her fans, however, aren't quite convinced about the lack of meat and a few other lasagna essentials.

Fans have mixed feelings about the whole video

Many of Hudson's Instagram fans are loving the vegetarian alternative to the traditionally meat-based pasta dish, saying that the butternut squash, mushroom, and sage lasagna looks delicious. The video has over 36,000 likes so far, and comments include "Looks so yummy" and "YES...WELL DONE!!"

Others aren't so convinced. People in favor of traditional, meat lasagna insist that if key ingredients are missing, the dish shouldn't even be called lasagna. "Sorry, lasagna needs sausage, ricotta, mozzarella, noodles and spices," shares one user, while another adds, "Well, you can't call this #lasagna." Some also noted that Hudson's version of the Italian meal lacked sauce and cheese.

There are people, however, who expressed an entirely different complaint about the post. Unbothered by the actual lasagna itself, Instagrammers are confused by the jumping video effects, saying that it's way too dizzying to watch. "Do we need to be tripping to be able to understand how to make this?? I feel like my eyeballs just popped out of my skull" and "Wanted to watch this but the filming of it made me feel sick." 

Regardless of the bad choice of visual effects, fans seem to agree that if the lasagna tastes as good as it looks, it's going to be delicious.