Why McDonald's UK Employees Aren't Happy With The Chicken Big Mac

If you're a fast food fan, you've probably noticed that some of the major chains have wildly different menus depending on where they're located. At McDonald's in Germany, you can get the McToast Ham for breakfast. KFC Canada sells a "Big Boss" sandwich, and Subway fans in India can try a corn and peas sandwich. The latest international fast food menu item fans in the U.S. might be eager to try? The new Chicken Big Mac, a limited-time offering at McDonald's restaurants in the UK and Ireland that will be available until March 15, or while supplies last (via Instagram). 

Fans of the chain might be excited to try the Chicken Big Mac, but McDonald's UK employees don't seem very happy about the new item. In the subreddit McLounge, which is a Reddit page dedicated to McDonald's employees, one user made a post about the new Chicken Big Mac titled "RIP to all the unlucky people who get put on chicken station for a full shift." Other McDonald's employees were quick to chime in with their woes about having to make and serve the new product.

Why McDonald's employees are upset

There were some negative comments about the sandwich's appearance, to start. "That thing looks so sad and depressing lol. It's just all one color," one McDonald's UK employee said on the Reddit post. Another replied, "UK promotion menu is so lacklustre and boring." But the real reason why employees were distressed is because of the work that goes into make the sandwich. Apparently, it's made at chicken batch, the cook station where chicken sandwiches and other items are prepared and assembled, which gets pretty hectic when things are busy. Because the Chicken Big Mac is being released at the same time as the Chicken Legend sandwich and Double Big Mac are returning, employees are afraid that work is about to get a lot more stressful.

"The Chicken Legend is also back on the same day, if I end up on both batches I'll go lie down in front of a lorry in the car park," one cynical employee joked, while another said, "Tell me about it. Having to deal with that plus the McPlants, and the Legend and grilled chicken will be back soon too." "Hope it's good at least," chimed in one employee, looking for the bright side. At least the cooks can rest a little easier knowing that it's a limited-time offering.