International Subway Sandwiches You Won't Find In The US

Subway's "eat fresh" sandwiches may be popular in the United States, but did you know they also have a large following around the world? In 2002, Subway became the largest fast-food chain in the US, and currently, the brand also boasts restaurants in more than 100 countries, according to Britannica. In fact, did you know there are seven Subway locations in the Cayman Islands, 84 restaurants in Pakistan, and 26 in Uruguay (via Subway)? It seems like the lure of a tasty, customizable sandwich is simply a universal thing. 

That being said, all the sandwiches aren't created equal. Different locations across the world cater to the preferred cuisine of the country — and, in turn, highlight our very different tastes. For example, while Subway's Roast Beef and Chicken Rotisserie Sandwiches are hugely popular in America, in India subs are often piled up with veggies as somewhere between 23 to 37 percent of Indian citizens are vegetarian and many followers of the Hindu faith don't eat any beef (via BBC). 

People from different places simply like different foods. To accommodate these diverse palates, Subway offers some special international sandwiches. Here are just a few that might surprise you.

Subway Brazil: Smoked Chicken with Cream Cheese

Subway Brazil offers this tasty treat. Listed quite simply as cubed and smoked chicken mixed with delicious cream cheese, this sandwich looks pretty similar to a traditional chicken salad sub, including lettuce, tomato, and red onion on a toasted and seasoned bun. Chicken salad without mayo may appeal to some sandwich fans, although hopefully, there's a little seasoning too to kick it up a notch since cream cheese as the only condiment might be a little bland.

Subway New Zealand: Habanero Chilli Tuna

Subway New Zealand's menu features many of the classic subs we know here in the States, but it adds a truly island-worthy wrap worth mentioning. This Habanero Chilli Tuna wrap comes off almost like sushi. Inside of a tortilla, you'll find tuna and a "creamy mayo mix with mozzarella, spinach, capsicum, tomatoes, and onion." For American audiences, capsicum is another way to refer to hot peppers (via WebMD) — in this case, habanero hot sauce that adds a little kick. It comes as a grilled wrap, so the cheese is ooey-gooey making this mouth-watering choice anything but a traditional Subway sub.

Subway Japan: Tartar Chicken

Subway Japan offers a different take on a chicken sub with the Tartar Chicken (not to be confused with chicken tartare, which doesn't sound good at all). This Japanese-influenced pick is a crunchy and vegetable-filled treat. It features a sauce that looks similar to relish or pico de gallo (containing both onions and peppers) that's layered across sliced chicken and a tower of tomato, cheese, cucumber, and lettuce on a seasoned herb bun.

While Japanese tartar generally differs from our Western version, both often have a base of mayo or aioli and often include some form of pickle (via Pickled Plum). One big difference is the amount of sugar in each sauce.

Subway India: Corn and Peas

Subway India might really throw you for a loop with this Corn and Peas sandwich. Yes, it's corn and peas on bread. It may be a baffling combination to many American taste buds, despite the fact that we already eat just about everything in it, but it should be known Subway India has quite an extensive vegetarian menu to accommodate the large number of plant-based eaters in the country, as mentioned above. 

This specific sandwich begins with a typical base of cucumber, lettuce, tomato, and onion, all on a plain white bun. The unexpected part is the relish (or maybe a succotash?) of "green peas, golden corns, and crunchy dices of carrot." The mix is tied together with an eggless mayo.

Subway South Africa: Peri Peri Chicken

Subway South Africa brings the spicy deliciousness with a Peri Peri Chicken sub. If you're not familiar with this dish, Peri Peri is a pepper, specifically the African Bird's Eye Chilli (via Nando's Peri Peri) and is often paired with poultry where it acts as a spice, seasoning, and preservative all in one. This sandwich pairs strips of chicken breast smothered in this spicy African sauce with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and onion on plain white bread.

Subway Phillipines: Egg Mayo

While Subway restaurants in India may offer eggless options, Subway Philippines goes full on with the Egg Mayo sub. You've likely heard of egg salad sandwiches, and this Philippine take isn't much different. After a base of bread, lettuce, and tomato, the sub is topped with a layer of chopped egg smothered in mayonnaise. Traditional pepper is added, but notably absent are the pickles, cucumbers, and cheese that we might add here in the States.

It's clear to see that Subway understands that tastes can vary regionally, and maybe these sandwiches will give you some ideas of what to order next time you travel.