Aldi Fans Can't Keep Their Hands Off These Animal Crackers

When you're in a snacking mood, there are tons of treats to choose from, whether you enjoy chips, crackers, cookies, or something else entirely. But sometimes you're craving something equal parts fun and comforting, which is where some of your favorite nostalgic snacks come into play. We all have those childhood treats that take us back to the good old days of recess and zero responsibilities. If you prefer something salty, you might reach for Goldfish, Cheez-Its, or 3D Doritos. If you prefer something sweet, you might like Dunkaroos, Oreos, or, in this case, animal crackers.

Animal crackers have been an American staple since they were first invented in 1902 (via Smithsonian Magazine). The circus animal-shaped cookies are sweet without being too much so and provide that crunch that so many of us look for in an evening snack. There are different brands to choose from, but, according to a recent Reddit post, one of the best can be found at Aldi.

People like the lemon flavor of the animal crackers

If someone happens to be hungry for nostalgia while visiting Aldi and sees a couple of boxes of Benton's Animal Crackers sitting on the shelf, the shopper might wonder whether or not they're worth buying. Well, Redditors say absolutely. One user posted a photo of the bright red box on Reddit, captioning it, "that 'eat them all in one sitting' type of snack." Other people quickly chimed in with their love of the tasty treat. "Aldi has by far and away the best animal crackers. I swear they have a hint of lemon flavor," one person wrote, while another added, "They really are the perfect flavor and texture." Many recommended dipping them in vanilla frosting or even chocolate hummus for added sweetness. 

People also compare them to McDonald's old animal crackers (if you've ever had those!). "The minute I popped one of those cookies into my mouth, it was 1987 all over again," a reviewer from Fun 107 wrote. "If anything, the Benton's Animal Crackers taste a LIIIIIIIITTLE bit better because there's SLIGHTLY more lemon flavoring, but not too much to make it overpowering." It's not exactly a Happy Meal, but it certainly sounds like this person had a happy snack.