TikTok Is Mesmerized By This Egg-In-The-Ocean Experiment

If you have a desire to find a somewhat crazy and unexpectedly useful food hack, TikTok is definitely the essential destination (Mashed has reported on many popular TikTok tricks). The days of dusting off yellow-tinted pages of recipe books to find specific culinary hints are over.

However, like with everything linked to the online world, not all TikTok food revelations are entirely useful in everyday life — but that doesn't mean they're not interesting. One amazing TikTok creation involves an experiment to see what happens to an egg when it is cracked at the bottom of the sea.

Uploaded by TikTok user @ShangerDanger, the video shows a diver submerge to 45 feet, until they reach the seafloor. After noticing a whole egg sink, the diver cracks the egg's shell, peels it off, and is stunned to find that the egg yolk floats — before a sneaky fish swims in and eats it. Needless to say, the adventure has excited many TikTok viewers.

TikTok has fallen in love with the rebellious fish

Described as a "better love story than Twilight," the story has fascinated many TikTok commenters, with people declaring it both awesome and hilarious. One describes it as a "wild ride of anxiety," and a further question: If the diver really hit the seafloor, isn't there supposed to be a monster? (Another believed they were going to be Rick-rolled.)

The majority of TikTok viewers were enthralled by the arrival of the destructive fish, including declarations that the fish may be the first one to have ever eaten an egg. One user said the diver should "teach that fish a lesson," while another wondered what would have happened if a shark had turned up. One reply simply stated: "That's why they call it salmonella."

But how did the egg manage to remain intact and not scatter itself across the entire ocean? According to The Royal Gazette, pressure increases the further down into the sea you go, meaning cracked eggs are held together by the force of the water. This results in the floating friend formed in the TikTok video.