Why The Internet Sympathizes With This Toronto Restaurant Customer

Life's funny sometimes. It's either the kind of funny that makes us laugh out loud or the kind that leaves us feeling slightly embarrassed, but amused nonetheless. This kind of cruel irony isn't limited to English literature or something Alanis Morissette sang about in the '90s. It happens in real life, too, when we least expect it, in the form of toothaches before a big dinner or a cooler full of room-temperature beer at a hot summer cookout. Recently, cruel irony was the fate of one man in Toronto, Canada — and his brave yet futile struggle to enjoy takeout during a blizzard.

On January 17, Toronto was struck with a crippling snowstorm, with more than 14 inches of snow piling up in the city's streets, per CBC. Daily life halted as dangerous conditions brewed, but that didn't stop one determined man from trudging his way through the deepening snow to grab a bite from what we can only assume is his favorite restaurant, according to the Daily Hive. Unfortunately, there was no warm meal awaiting him, as Nicey's Eatery was closed due to the weather. The Caribbean restaurant shared a surveillance video of the customer's realization on its Instagram page, which shows him literally falling to his knees in defeat when he realizes his grave mistake. However, he may still be able to get his food.

People are searching for this loyal customer

This mystery customer has captured the sympathy of thousands of internet users. After all, haven't we all been in a situation where we were really hyped up for our favorite restaurant, only to find it closed due to circumstances beyond our control? Some commenters on the Nicey's Eatery Instagram video have even named him "Nicey's most loyal customer" for his unwavering commitment to reach the restaurant in a blizzard. Others remarked that Niceys' food had to be pretty good if the man was willing to brave the elements for it. Even the owner of the restaurant, Valerie Lai, showed sympathy for the customer.

"I had to watch that video multiple times, and each time, I felt his pain," Lai stated, per The Takeout. "I was in disbelief that someone would come out of his house to buy food." On Instagram, Nicey's Eatery said it will be keep an eye out for the customer and that whatever he'd intended to order that day will be on the house. The restaurant even put together a "wanted poster" for the mystery customer (via Instagram). While it's been more than a week since that snowy day, Nicey's Eatery seems to be holding onto hope that he will return soon.