Instagram Is Psyched To Try Padma Lakshmi's Chipotle Coleslaw Recipe

Celerity chef Padma Lakshmi shares recipes, modeling photos, and personal life snippets with her 1.2 million Instagram followers. But what many of us truly appreciate is when our favorite chefs show us how to prepare delicious, savory, and easy dishes, step-by-step. Thankfully, Lakshmi's Instagram delivers on that, too.

A prime example of this is a seven-minute-long detailed video she shared with Instagram for a chipotle coleslaw — and it has our tastebuds ready to go. Lakshmi explains that she makes the coleslaw a bit healthier by using about 2 ½ tablespoons of mayo. She adds about an equal part of yogurt, her favorite being DAH!, an Indian-inspired yogurt brand. According to the DAH! website, Padma loves this yogurt so much, she has partnered with the brand. 

In addition to the yogurt and mayo, to make this slaw you'll need four cups of shredded red cabbage, two cups of shredded carrots, and one Granny Smith apple cut up like matchsticks. To keep the apple from browning, Lakshmi suggests a bit of lime juice. Mix this all together, add in mayo and yogurt, and let this sit before adding chipotle in adobo sauce to the slaw. The chef shares that you can add apple cider vinegar instead of lime juice, and if you like an extra spicy flavor you can throw in serrano peppers or jalapeños.

Fans are loving Padma Lakshmi and her recipes

In the Instagram video, Lakshmi breaks down how she makes this mouthwatering coleslaw, and her charismatic charm is on full display. From her cute black dress, which one fan praised "Love that dress," to her upbeat background music, Padma's post leaves her audience happy. 

The step-by-step recipe video already has nearly 70,000 views and tons of comments of approval, not only of the slaw but also of the chef herself. "Looks amazing yum," "I'll be learning from you from now on," and "That looks BOMB" are the kind of reactions you'll find regarding the food. As for Padma, we think she must be used to the more personal comments by now like "Lord could you be any more gorgeous" and "Looks amazing! So does the recipe."

The author notes that the coleslaw is "really spicy," so if you're not a fan of chipotle or peppers, try this recipe for a traditional coleslaw. You can still incorporate some of the techniques seen in Lakshmi's post, like cutting some of the mayo and replacing it with yogurt.