Why This Employee Doesn't Think You Should Eat Food From Dunkin'

From office workers to college students, coffee is an essential part of their morning routine. While some may prefer making a quick mug of joe at home, others prefer the ease of grabbing a tall cup of java and a donut on the go for breakfast. With over 11,300 locations across the globe, including 8,500 in just the Unites States alone, the coffee-and-donut juggernaut Dunkin' stands ready to serve those hungry, bleary-eyed AM commuters. 

Of course, donuts and coffee aren't the only things Dunkin' sells to famished early-risers. The chain offers a wide variety of breakfast items, including hash browns, pepper bacon, muffins, bagels, and sandwiches, all of which is made fresh with the highest quality ingredients — right?

Well, according to one alleged Dunkin' employee's brazen series of TikToks, that glazed donut you just picked up for a breakfast snack would probably fare better off in the trash than in your stomach. 

'Most of it is artificial'

A person, dressed in a Dunkin' uniform, dances wildly in a bathroom while a text-to-speech voice describes unto you shocking things. No, this isn't a nightmare, but rather, part of "Exposing Dunkin Donuts," a TikTok series created by user "itsjusjordann." In the first video, Jordan warns viewers to stay away from the donuts at Dunkin', claiming they "don't make" them and that "they're shipped every morning." While some viewers claimed to have known this, others were shocked by this allegation, one viewer claiming, "My life has been a lie." 

But Jordan wasn't done yet. In his second video, Jordan once again dances gracefully while claiming that not only is the food "frozen" and "suffers freezer burn," but "most of it is artificial." The chain may even "serve you expired food," he warns. While Jordan's claims are tough to verify, Dunkin' did, at least, make the effort to ditch artificial dyes from its donuts in all U.S. outlets, per Food Business News.

Jordan's third video doesn't reveal a gross claim about the food, but rather an alleged underhanded business trick: "If we ever tell you guys we ran out of a syrup/flavor, 95% of the time we're lying!" Jordan's caption states. One commentator who claimed to be a former assistant manager replied that "a lot of the locations are like this. BUT not all of them."

Of course, we don't know if this TikToker's disturbing claims about Dunkin' are true, but if so, perhaps instead of running on Dunkin', we should run from it.