TikTok Is Disturbed By This Dunkin' Secret

Everyone knows that few things go together as well as donuts and coffee. While you can pick up the breakfast pairing at any number of fast food joints and convenience stores, a popular spot to get your fix is Dunkin'. The international chain, which first started in 1950 in Massachusetts, has grown to 11,300 locations around the world. It's become such a popular and beloved spot in the U.S. that the chain's slogan is appropriately "America runs on Dunkin' " (via the brand's website). Even if you're the most avid Dunkin' fan, there is a lot you might not know about the donut shop, like how Munchkins were named after the popular "Wizard of Oz" characters or how one New Jersey actually got married inside their local Dunkin' (via Eat This, Not That).

Another secret about Dunkin' was just revealed by an employee in a TikTok video that's quickly garnering hundreds of thousands of views and likes thanks to its shocking content. Here's what has fans all fired up on social media when it comes to their favorite donut joint.

Not all Dunkin' donuts are made fresh

Fast food chain Wendy's stands by the motto "fresh, never frozen" (via Insider), but according to a recent TikTok video, Dunkin' might not be able to say the same about its food. A TikToker who says they've been a Dunkin' employee for four years walks viewers through a day in their life at the shop. But what really shocked people is the part where they go into the freezer to get the donuts and lay the frozen circles of dough out onto a baking sheet. "Wait!!!! The donuts are FROZEN?! My life has been a lie," one person commented. It's not the first time that Dunkin' was exposed for its frozen donuts. In 2019, a former Dunkin' employee went viral when she posted a video of a box of frozen donuts (via NY Post).

However, before you panic, apparently not all Dunkin' locations use frozen donuts. Other employees quickly chimed in on the viral TikTok video that certain locations — specifically those with bakeries in the back — make fresh donuts every morning. They also bake, freeze, and ship donuts for locations without bakeries; hence, some Dunkin' restaurants rely on frozen donuts. According to employees who have been there for a long time, Dunkin' used to make all of its donuts fresh, but around 2010 the chain started shifting to frozen donuts, likely because it's faster and more convenient.