Valerie Bertinelli Reveals What It Was Like Working With Duff Goldman - Exclusive

Valerie Bertinelli has amassed some serious street cred when it comes to cooking over the years. According to Food Network, the star cut her culinary teeth hosting shows like "Valerie's Home Cooking" in addition to authoring several cookbooks. Over the years, Bertinelli explored different facets of the culinary world and eventually landed on the "Today Show" as a special correspondent for a cooking segment titled "Start TODAY with Valerie Bertinelli." The actress and personality's star power doesn't disappoint, and Bertinelli even got the chance to renew her contract with Food Network and plans to bring some new shows to the channel, per Deadline.

The star has made her fair share of solo food appearances, but from time to time, she shares the limelight with a co-host. Bertinelli recently joined forces with Duff Goldman on "Kids Baking Championship," a show that showcases the baking talents of children (via Cooking Channel). She loved working on the show and couldn't get enough of all of the contestants' talents. "They're so amazing, and watching that process, and work through a problem, is really great to see in such young kids," Bertinelli told Mashed in an exclusive interview. "We don't give enough credit, I think sometimes. We think, 'oh, they're a kid, they don't know any better.' They're — oh my God — they're these little human beings that really process things and, and can work through problems."

While Bertinelli loved watching the kids bake, she also shared some fond memories about her co-host, Duff Goldman.

Bertinelli's favorite memories of Duff Goldman

The actress and cooking personality loved working alongside Goldman. "I adore Duff," Bertinelli told Mashed. "I just love him, and the last season was so much fun because we shot in Knoxville, Tennessee, and he brought his beautiful wife Johnna and his baby, Josephine. So, I got to see Josephine a lot. Oh my God, what a sweet baby. A Gerber baby, if there ever was one — so, so sweet."

Over the course of filming, Goldman left his mark on Bertinelli and his cooking skills particularly shown through one day during inclement weather. "When we were shooting in New Orleans, we would get storms [coming] through all the time," Bertinelli continued. "That's what happens in August, like huge rain storms, and then it stops, and he would have a barbecue outside of his trailer and he would have to put a tarp over it because he would be barbecuing and all of a sudden these storms would come through, but he makes the most amazing meals. He's an amazing chef, not just an amazing baker, but he's an amazing chef.

After watching Goldman crush it on set, no one would have any doubts about this chef's culinary prowess. If you missed the action, make sure to catch episodes of "Kids Baking Championship" on Food Network, and keep an eye peeled for Bertinelli's next food-centric projects.