This Is Dolly Parton's Go-To Taco Bell Order

Dolly Parton is one of the most talented people on the planet, yet she always finds new and innovative ways to be relatable. Although the country music star and entrepreneur is a talented cook in her own right, even she knows that sometimes a little bit of fast food really hits the spot. Parton loves to talk about food, which makes sense considering she's a Southern woman who's probably attended her fair share of potlucks. For Parton's breakfasts, for example, she told Marie Claire in 2020 that she enjoys biscuits topped in traditional Southern milk gravy served alongside a couple of sausage patties. Parton also revealed to Today in January that when she's in a movie, she likes to cook a pot of homemade chicken and dumplings using her secret recipe for her costars.

Her menu isn't 100% Southern, though. She's been known to enjoy a fresh bagel with cream cheese from time to time, per the Wall Street Journal. Also, any type of potato makes her happy, per The New York Times. But is she ever anything other than joyful? Another treat Parton loves, as it turns out, comes from none other than Mexican fast food giant Taco Bell.

What Dolly Parton orders at Taco Bell

Dolly Parton is known for always being in full hair, makeup, and dress. However, her Taco Bell order is totally stripped-down and delightfully basic. The songstress told Insider in January that soft-shell tacos are her favorites. "I like the others, but they fall apart so bad, especially if you're riding around," she says, adding that she opts for a Taco Supreme with "sour cream and all that" in a soft shell. Parton prefers mild sauce because, "I don't like to get it too hot and ruin everything," she says. She also gets a side of rice and beans to complement the taco.

Of course, Parton also has opinions about other Taco Bell items. A big fan of the Mexican Pizza, which was discontinued in 2020, she'll no doubt be thrilled to learn that Taco Bell is bringing back the Mexican pizza this fan favorite in 2022. Once that happens, it sounds like Parton'll have some serious decisions to make. Taco? Or Mexican Pizza? Talk about a rock and a hard place — except both are delicious, so she can't really go wrong.

Dolly Parton loves this gas station snack

Dolly Parton feels passionately about a lot of things, from literacy to food. So it's not surprising that her Taco Bell preferences are just one of many that she's spilled over the years. In fact, the Queen of Country isn't one for fancy restaurants, noting that her husband, Carl Thomas Dean, is a "country boy." Instead, the pair opts for a snack from the local gas station when she's touring or otherwise on the road, says First For Women.

Indeed, Parton told The New York Times in 2019 that her preferred gas station snack is potted meat, which is often served on crackers or toast. (The name is a little misleading, as potted meat actually comes in a can like tuna fish, but Dolly's not one to split hairs over semantics.) She didn't specify whether she prefers potted chicken, ground beef, or another type of meat, but she did note in the same interview that she likes "weird things like Vienna sausage," from the gas station, too.

How the food at Dollywood reflects the park's namesake

Parton's namesake Dollywood theme park, located in the mountains of east Tennessee near where she grew up, is just about as well known for its food as it is for its thrill rides. Even though it boasts some of the most high-tech roller coasters in the world, it stays grounded thanks to its full slate of down-home cooking.

One of the items that Dollywood is best known for is its cinnamon bread, available for purchase from Grist Mill on site, or cold at some of the gift shops. The fresh-baked version is a soft, sugary sweet confection that visitors flock to buy. In fact, Dollywood sells more than 212,000 loaves per year.

Given Parton's propensity for canned meat, it's not a shock that hot dogs and corn dogs are also staples on the Dollywood menu. The park sells one-third more corn dogs (nearly 100,000) than the regular variety, though.

In addition to other snacks, like popcorn, pork rinds, and pork, Dollywood's menu includes an apple pie that weighs in at a whopping 25 pounds. Available only at the site's Spotlight Bakery, the pie is stuffed with 20 pounds' worth of apples, among other ingredients. It doesn't get more American than that! Something tells us Dolly approves.