Why Snoop Dogg Just Called Out Uber Eats On Instagram

Some people say that the stars are just like us, and judging by potential hot dog-entrepreneur Snoop Dogg's recent Uber Eats delivery drama, that saying might be truer than we originally thought. Snoop Dogg may be one of the most famous rappers and musicians of all time, but he gets hungry just like the rest of us (and has the pantry to prove it). Unfortunately, he can't always rely on his bestie Martha Stewart to feed him, so it's no surprise to hear that the hip-hop star would order delivery sometimes. In fact, he has put his hip-hop talents to use by rapping about the U.K. delivery service Just Eat (via NME). Recently, Snoop placed a food order with UberEats. But the way the transaction played out wasn't what he expected.

Apparently, Snoop Dogg placed an order, and then the Uber Eats driver wrote that they had arrived, as shown in an Instagram post displaying their text messages. Then, the driver activated the 8-minute timer (if they don't hear from the person ordering after 8 minutes, they leave), and again messaged Snoop, saying, "I've arrived." This was followed by "Hello," then "Plz call not sure where to leave your order," and one last "Hello." But it wasn't until after the timer expired that the driver made a comment that seemed to get Snoop's attention: "This is not a safe place."

Snoop Dogg was unimpressed by the driver's behavior

Snoop Dogg responded to the driver, "Yes it is pull up to the gate" and gave further instructions for where the driver should leave his food. But the driver didn't respond, which fueled Snoop Dogg's ire. "Where is my food??" he asked, then said, "U never came to the gate???" Snoop was upset enough that he posted the entire exchange on Instagram with the caption, "Uber Eats where my food at" along with nine angry face emojis. He followed that up with "Postmates holla at me." Clearly, the rapper also had his mind on his money and his money on his mind because he complained in the video that the driver had "all his g******ed money" and called them some rather choice, unwritable words.

The video has nearly 4 million views so far, and people had a lot to say about the situation. There were many who sided with Snoop, who seemed to think the driver's claims that the area wasn't safe crossed a line. "Would Snoop really not be in a safe place...for real?" asked one fan. Another commented, "I'd deliver it to ya Snoop...some drivers just giving us a bad name." But other people seemed to blame Snoop Dogg for not responding before the time ran out. "So you took 8 minutes to respond, and then got upset that the driver didn't complete the delivery?" asked one fan. Another commented, "You really trying to leave a driver waiting for ten minutes? You taking money out their pockets."