Wendy's Fans Won't Want To Miss This BOGO Nuggets Deal

You shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet, nor should you do everything the internet tells you to do. Remember 2018, when the World Wide Web was challenging us to eat Tide pods (via The Washington Post)? Not a good idea. Also a bad idea? Eating an entire ball of wasabi and then chugging a bottle of Coke, which one TikToker recently tried to turn into a thing but, thankfully, failed.

Like we said, you shouldn't always take the internet's advice. However, every once in a while, the netizens present us with a challenge that we can accept without thinking twice, like the one that the Wendy's Twitter account put out on social media earlier this week. "Grab a 10pc Nuggs free in the app with any purchase," the account tweeted on February 2. The social media manager also added an enticing "I dare you" to the end of the post — but even if they hadn't, this is one internet challenge we believe many people would happily oblige.

Here's how to get your free Wendy's nuggets this week

Taking Wendy's up on its dare is easy and, to everybody's relief, requires no consumption of laundry detergent. Per Chew Boom, you simply need to download the chain's mobile app to start your journey toward a 10-piece box of plain or spicy chicken nuggets, which you can get completely free of charge when you purchase anything else on the menu from now through Sunday, February 6. Once you've got the app downloaded to your phone, head to the "Offer" tab and apply the coupon to your mobile order, or scan your phone if you're ordering in the store, and that's it! You'll be on a one-way train to a mouthwatering meal without having to ingest anything that you'd usually find in the cleaning supply aisle.

The BOGO nuggets coupon will be valid at participating Wendy's locations nationwide and is only available for a single use. However, that doesn't necessarily mean you should delete the restaurant's app once you've chowed down on your free nuggs. The app actually includes several Wendy's deals in February that will give you even more opportunities to score free food.