Wendy's February Deals Include So Much Free Food

After what felt like the longest 31 days in history, January has finally come to an end. Writing for Psychology Today, Saint Joseph's University professor Joanne Broder Sumerson described January as "the saddest month of the year." It is, after all, a time of failed New Year's resolutions and lingering holiday stress. So people might be relieved it's over. However, it's likely that not everyone is happy that February is officially underway. According to a YouGov poll conducted last year, 21% of Americans named February as their least favorite month.

We can't say we're too surprised by that, considering the love-hate relationship that society has with Valentine's Day and the fact that spring feels so close yet still so far away during every single one of the month's 28 (or sometimes 29) days. However, the shortest month of the year was only found to be the second-most hated month on the calendar overall, as January ultimately took the top spot in YouGov's poll. So, at least February has that going for it.

This year, February has something else going for it as well. Per QSR Magazine, the red-headed fast-food giant, Wendy's, will be home to many deals over the course of the next four weeks, including a nixed delivery fee during Super Bowl weekend so you won't have to miss a second of pre, post, or live coverage of the big game and its flashy halftime show.

Wendy's turns February into Free-bruary

Wendy's is turning February into Free-bruary with its myriad of deals, some of which you can score as early as today. Per QSR Magazine, customers ordering food through Wendy's app now through February 27 can add a medium order of fries to any purchase once a week. Additionally, Wendy's lovers hitting up the chain for one of their breakfast sandwiches can tack on any drink to their order free of charge until February 20.

As if you needed another reason to celebrate making it to Friday, the purveyors of fresh, never frozen beef will also be doling out free food at the end of every workweek this month via its app. To kick things off, Thrillist reports that Wendy's is offering a free classic chicken sandwich on Friday, February 4 to anybody that places a mobile order for a medium-sized french fry. The following Fridays will see similar deals, with the chain giving away free Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers and 6-piece nuggets in exchange for the purchase of a medium fry on the 11th and 25th, respectively. Meanwhile, purchasing a large order of fries on February 18th will yield 150 bonus points, which Wendy's Rewards program members will know holds a good bit of weight in the rewards store. Don't forget to flash that Frosty key tag during each visit so you can add one of the eatery's signature frozen treats to your order for free, as well.

Perhaps February won't be too bad after all.