Reddit Is Debating Which Fast-Food Restaurant Is Most Overrated

"Did you see that epic Wendy's clapback on Twitter at McDonald's about their fries?" "Did you see KFC released a promo for their Beyond Fried Chicken nuggets?" These epic clapbacks and attempts to go viral may earn fast-food juggernauts clicks and hashtags from social media fans — and believe us, popularity is key to success — but to those who just want a burger, it all seems like noise. 

In a time where everyone has to be the biggest and the best through any means necessary, be it memes or flashy new products, it's not hard to think that maybe one or two of these fast-food giants may not be worth the hype. Can flashy commercials and attempts to cash in on meme culture really help boost your image, or does it make you look even more desperate to maintain popularity? The question of just which fast-food restaurant is overblown was something Reddit users sought to find out. Perhaps their answers may leave you nodding in agreement or rolling your eyes in disagreement.

McDonald's and In-N-Out are the two most overrated

On the subreddit r/AskReddit, a simple question was proposed: "What is the most overrated fast-food restaurant?" Since there is no solid answer as to which fast-food chain is by default completely overrated, it was the personal preference of the commentator responding. While others would say KFC, Chik-Fil-A, or Subway to be overrated, McDonald's and, surprisingly, In-N-Out were brought up several times as the most overrated fast-food restaurants.

"I N Out" was the response of user "AdvancedHat7630." This was backed up by other users who claimed that the California-based restaurant with a cult following had "sub-par burgers and a freakishly small menu." Complaints about In-N-Out's fries were also discussed, with one user saying, "Any fast-food burger joint where you have to know the secret code ("well done") to get edible fries is by definition a subpar fast-food burger joint, and I will die on this hill."

"Can't stand McDonald's," said user "FullbordadOG." "The burgers are as dry as sawdust, and the only thing that taste anything are the pickles. So it's basically like eating a super dry massive pickle. Disgusting."  Another commentator claimed that they could "give myself diabetes a lot easier" rather than going to McDonald's. It's important to remember that these are, at the end of the day, opinions, and there may never be a definitive answer on which fast-food chain isn't worth it after all.