Martha Stewart Just Called Out Stephen Colbert For Being 'Frisky' And Instagram Is Loving It

Martha Stewart, the domestic diva with an enviable media empire, recently made an appearance on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert," and got along very well with the late-night TV host. Stewart was helping Colbert and his viewers get into the spirit of Valentine's Day as the dynamic duo sampled Stewart's new wine, 19 Crimes Martha's Chard — and she did not break her rule about adding ice to it — while whipping up her Vanilla Heart-Shaped Cake with Raspberry and Custard Filling. And then they flirtatiously chatted about Stewart's idea of a good first date. 

Per the video, Colbert quizzed the cookbook author about whether or not she had a Valentine in her life, but Stewart hilariously replied, "Not really, only in my dreams." Though Stewart shared that the ideal "fantasy" first date for her would be "to get on a plane, a private plane, and to fly off to some mysterious location, like a private island, and then have a nice weekend with really, really nice beaches and swimming and food." Stewart continued to explain that this could be a first or second date, but added, "I like first dates like that, actually. You know, why bother, otherwise?" That's when the conversation really got fun and dare we say "frisky" between the two, and Instagram was loving the interaction.

Fans picked up on the fun chemistry between the two

Stewart took to Instagram to share about the experience and wrote, "Stephen Colbert was rather 'frisky' last night, and flirtatious! Had lots of good fun on his show," and her fans were quick to comment and help the post rack up more than 14,600 likes as of publication. One follower wrote, "Man when I turn 80, I just want to do and be like you ... respect." While another noted, "I usually hate food demonstrations on late-night shows with the host over-dramatizing and making a mess, but you kept good control and Stephen had great chemistry with you. Loved it." And still another fan stated the obvious and wrote, "Can you blame him Martha?" and ended it with fox emoji.

Stewart was definitely at her best during the Late Show segment, and at one point said, "It's so nice to flirt with Stephen Colbert," as the two continued to decorate their cakes. Colbert went on to point out that the 80-year-old was wearing leather pants and playfully told her they were "hot." Stewart's also shared she was going commando, to which Colbert responded by piping some whipped cream into his mouth and then into Stewart's. Frisky might actually be an understatement.