Ree Drummond Got Her Husband Ladd Out Of An Icy Jam

Ree Drummond and her husband Ladd celebrated 25 years together as a married couple in September last year. The Pioneer Woman shared a nostalgic post on her Instagram page and wrote, "It's been a wild adventure, and we've experienced the joys, pains, ups, downs, triumphs, sadnesses, and unexpected twists and turns. (And kids!)."

She added that she cannot deny that her husband has been her source of strength, and he has remained by her side like a rock throughout their journey. Her fans were touched by the post and left sweet comments for the couple: One person wrote, "You two are truly an inspiration and a beautiful couple!" while someone else said, "You two seem to me, made for each other, even though different."

Recently, Ree Drummond took to Instagram to talk about saving her husband from a muddy pond and wrote, "When Ladd gets stuck, there's only one person he calls."

Fans are rooting for the couple

According to a video posted by The Pioneer Woman on Instagram, when Ladd Drummond's car was stuck in an icy pond, he decided to call his wife who is, in his words, "the most capable person" he knows. Fans were glad to engage with the post while Ree Drummond shared more about her husband, whom she calls the Marlboro Man.

The Pioneer Woman explained in a comment that there are times when her husband drives to "the very edge of the pond when it's frozen to make a hole for the cattle" to give them access to some water. She added that they mostly use an ax to create holes in the ice but at times, it "helps to start the hole with the tire first." This is what he was trying to do when his car got stuck in the pond. He added that his car doesn't have mud tires and that he ended up going "a little too far." Fortunately, The Pioneer Woman promptly showed up and rescued her husband from the messy situation.

Fans loved the video clip and had a lot to say. Someone wrote, "This is so classic of you two. He knows who the real MVP is on the ranch." Another fan said that the two of them are super cute and added, "Thank you both for sharing your beautiful family."