Ree Drummond's Ice-Smashing Instagram Post Has Fans Confused

Ree Drummond may have just earned herself the title of "Hardest-Working Pioneer Woman" in the business. First, on Saturday, Drummond was called upon by her husband, Ladd, to rescue him and his vehicle from an icy pond. Judging by Drummond's Instagram post about the incident, in which she briefly interviews Ladd about the experience and he refers to her as "the most capable person I know," Drummond came through like a hero. If that had been all that the red-headed lady from Pawhuska had accomplished in a weekend, that would have been more than enough. But the very next day, Ree Drummond was right back at it again — ice shovel and all. 

"Honestly don't know how this place would ever survive without me," the Food Network's "The Pioneer Woman" posted to Instagram on Sunday, alongside a video of herself using said ice shovel to smash away — and quite handily at that — at the frozen surface of a creek on what appears to be her property. Her Instagram followers were more than happy to agree with Drummond's general assessment. On the other hand, they also seemed confused as to what exactly the Pioneer Woman was doing in that ice-smashing Instagram post. 

Ree Drummond explains her ice-smashing Instagram post

It's not something you see every day. But any time you do happen to observe a woman wearing a pair of pretty leather boots and a stylish puffer jacket enthusiastically smashing the heck out of a frozen chunk of ice, it could signify any number of things. And so it was with Ree Drummond's ice-smashing Instagram post from Sunday, February 6, which had fans confused, at least initially. 

"Doing? What?" one wrote in the comments section to the post, before adding the caveat, "xo no offense." "Are you striking oil?" another asked. "Why are you doing that?" asked @risellidoreen.

"This creek is the water source for the cattle in this pasture," Drummond explained. "Just breaking a hole so they can drink." Naturally, Instagram ate it up with a spoon, so to speak, with fans gushing over the Pioneer Woman's work ethic, not to mention, the kindness to her animals. "I think that you're totally amazing!" one concluded. "That was awesome to watch, and I bet it's a fun way to get out aggression too! Thank you for being you!"