What Ree Drummond Says She Learned From Her Weight Loss Journey

Losing weight can be incredibly tough and emotional for those who embark on that journey. Some diet and weight loss suggestions can be completely unfounded and off-base, yet followed because many people jump on the bandwagon before doing their due diligence and research. Other suggestions, like eating pears to keep you full, are more scientifically backed.

No matter the advice or diet you try, however, you likely will not see results overnight — there will always be a road to travel to hit your goals. Even those who have undergone weight loss surgery have experienced their fair share of difficulties. Celebrities like James Corden, Sunny Anderson, and Duff Goldman have publicized their own journeys in the hope that they will help and inspire others. Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, has a unique and motherly perspective on her own weight loss journey, and she recently shared what it taught her along the way.

Weight loss doesn't have to be rough

After beginning a weight loss journey to become healthier, Drummond lost 48 pounds and felt proud. Her diet left her feeling like a better version of herself, but up until recently, she has been mostly close-lipped about it beyond that note. In a piece for her own site, The Pioneer Woman, Drummond detailed all the methods she found were not best for her, including "keto or paleo," eating "specialty foods," and even "intermittent fasting." She tried them and ultimately decided they didn't work for her. 

Instead, she followed her own path and learned many things, including the necessity of pushing past the "first stage" to get over the hump and encourage consistency, and the importance of moving every day — even if it's just tiny movements to make sure you're keeping up with the plan. She also expressed the importance of not stressing over moderate amounts of alcohol or foods that are usually taboo. She highlighted the importance of accountability in measuring her weight to motivate herself to stay on track. 

Perhaps the most important lesson she learned was the ability to fit the journey into her current lifestyle, noting that nothing has to change in "one's day-to-day life." For those looking to embark on a weight loss journey of their own, Drummond's advice seems to hit the nail on the head when it comes to sage wisdom and tips that will mentally help you prepare for the ride.