Panera Is Giving Away A Diamond Ring In A Bread Bowl — Here's How To Enter

If there's at least one thing Panera Bread is known for, it's the bread — or more precisely, their bread bowls. Baked fresh in-store each day, these round sourdough bowls are well-known menu staples, offering a unique twist on the classic duo of hearty soup and crusty bread that makes a good comfort meal. For fans of sourdough and soup, Panera is now offering them a special surprise hidden in the bottom of a bread bowl. 

If you were expecting to find a diamond ring at the bottom of your French Onion soup in the same manner that you'd find an engagement ring in a glass of champagne, you'd, unfortunately, be mistaken. According to PR Newswire, this sparkling white "baguette-cut" diamond ring comes inside a box designed to resemble one of the chain's famous bread bowls. Quite the fashion statement to show off that you have bread, we'd say. But to enter the sweepstakes, you're going to have to find that special someone, be they friend or partner, and get ready for a date at Panera Bread.

Panera is giving away diamonds and coffee

The latest Panera sweepstakes runs from February 14–18. To enter, take a picture of you and a friend, partner, or even work colleague on a "Panera Date," which entails sharing lunch at your local Panera Bread or at home with Panera Bread-At-Home products. The picture must then be posted to Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #PaneraDate and #Sweepstakes to be eligible.

Alongside showing off your new diamond ring, you can also flaunt the benefits of a year's subscription to Panera's Sip Club. To those not in the know, the Sip Club grants you special perks like unlimited cups of coffee or tea every two hours, free refills whenever you're inside a Panera restaurant, and other exclusive rewards. Membership would normally cost $8.99 per month, but one out of 22 winners will be able to score a free year-long subscription, provided they win the sweepstakes.

This isn't the first time Panera used bread bowls to bring lovers closer together. In 2019, Panera encouraged couples to share a romantic meal together with a Double Bread Bowl, one sourdough loaf with two bowls dug into either end for twice the soup (via Food and Wine). While you may lament the fact you missed out on double the soup, you can dry those tears with a diamond ring in one hand and free coffee in the other.