The Work Wishlist Chick-Fil-A Employees Are Relating To

We all have a dream dinner party guest list, but what isn't talked about enough is the dream work wishlist. A recent discussion in the Reddit community exclusive to the fast-food chain's employees, "A Community for Chick Fil A Workers," broached the topic of what elements would make their work shift ideal.

Chick-fil-A workers can all relate to this Reddit discussion post describing the "perfect BOH shift." For those who aren't familiar with the restaurant industry, the term is an abbreviation for "Back of House." This expression refers to all positions that aren't customer-facing, and that includes everyone from the chef to the dish washers (via 7Shifts).

Though these workers don't have to directly deal with rude customers, they do face daily pressure to fulfill customers' orders on the backend, which can be quite stressful. Therefore, when Reddit user @outlaw_personel posted a picture of what they thought was the perfect BOH shift, 57 other users upvoted the post, signaling that the original poster's ideas were heavily relatable.

Keeping up with demand is stress inducing

Some components that would allow for a "perfect BOH shift" are "Brownies and cookies are wrapped," "No 'Fries with no salt' to be seen anywhere," and "Nothing expires."

@outlaw_personel had actually posted another meme a couple of weeks earlier about another annoyance BOH workers face: the breader. The consensus is that the breader does not work fast enough to keep up with demand, as shown by the inclusion of the text, "Breading dishes gets done on time," on the work wishlist.

Other users agreed that breading is one of the most frustrating tasks. @445edp used the praise emoji for the commenter who said, "Breading table is already prepared for you when you get there in the morning to open." In addition, they stated how "Not having any chicken to filet," another laborious job, equates to a great shift.

BOH workers at Chick-fil-A have very busy shifts, especially when a lot of their locations are reported to be understaffed. Having (and airing) a work wishlist is completely understandable.