Instagram Is Drooling Over Geoffrey Zakarian's Gnocchi

Celebrity chef Geoffrey Zakarian has a simple food philosophy: he told Reuters in a 2014 interview that he prefers to use the "best ingredients" and make minor modifications to them instead of using elaborate tools in the kitchen. Basically, he simply lets what he cooks speak for itself, adding that it's impossible to "hide behind simple" because you cannot rely on things like "a lot of sauces and foams" while cooking a stripped-down meal. When the chef was asked about what keeps him going, he said that he throughly enjoys cooking and added, "The kitchen is where I feel most at ease and where I feel most like myself."

Well, whatever Zakarian is doing seems to be working for him. He currently has his fans drooling over a gnocchi dish that he recently prepared for his family. The chef posted a short video clip on Instagram showcasing every aspect of this tantalizing spread, which included far more than just gnocchi.

Fans are quite impressed by the meal

Geoffrey Zakarian managed to dazzle many Instagram followers with his latest meal, which included gnocchi with sweet potatoes, an arugula beet salad, and a beef rib stew. One fan was blown away by what they saw and wrote, "I think I will be stealing this entire menu. All of this sounds amazing!" Even chef Katie Lee Biegel stopped by to say that the spread looked incredible and several curious fans begged Zakarian to share the recipe. Someone even wondered whether the chef ever stumbles: "Is there a dish or a cuisine that you have trouble with?? Food always looks good."

Meanwhile, for those who don't want to wait for this recipe, the chef does have a ricotta gnocchi recipe up on Food Network that calls for lots of cheese, eggs, flour, a special pancetta tomato sauce, and more. The site labels the recipe as "easy" and it only takes a little over an hour to make. Plus, it's flexible — Zakarian encourages home cooks to switch up the sauce based on what they like best.