The Biggest Gnocchi Mistake You're Making

You're seriously missing out if you haven't jumped on the gnocchi train yet. If pasta and dumplings had a baby, it would be something along the lines of gnocchi. This small potato dumpling is a staple in northern Italy where it originated, according to Amaro Restaurant. Each dumpling is the perfect size for a bite. The grooves pressed into each piece serves as a comfy seat for a sauce of any flavor. Gnocchi dishes can be tossed with anything from creamy pesto to crispy shallots and mushrooms, but some popular sauces are buttery sage or a classic cheesy tomato sauce also known as gnocchi alla Sorrentina (via Pasta Evangelists). 

As delicious as homemade gnocchi may be, there's not always enough time to toss together a dough from scratch at the end of a long day. When time isn't on your side, store-bought gnocchi will do, just as long as it's being prepared correctly. Store-bought gnocchi shouldn't be cooked in the same fashion as gnocchi made fresh, recipe developer Ali Slagle shared with Bon Appétit.

What's the secret to perfect gnocchi at home?

When cooked perfectly, gnocchi is a delectable pillow of flavor that will melt in your mouth. With the ideal amount of crispiness on the outside and a soft, velvety texture inside, a little goes a long way with these Italian dumplings.

To prepare fresh gnocchi, boil the dumplings for two to four minutes, according to BBC Good Food. It wouldn't be a crazy idea to assume packaged gnocchi is prepared the same way, but boiling store-bought gnocchi often results in a soggy unappetizing mess (via Bon Appétit). 

Rather than tossing your gnocchi in boiling water, fry them in a sauté pan with some oil on the stove or roast them in the oven. This will allow the potato dumplings to brown on the outside, creating a delectable bite with lots of depth. There are likely a variety of gnocchi brands you'll spot at your local market, and they'll have varying textures, but each will taste delightful whether pan-fried or roasted. You'll quickly find that you can create restaurant-quality gnocchi right in your cast iron pan and save the fresh gnocchi for special occasions. Another bonus is how quickly you can lock down that crispy perfection with store-bought gnocchi. Eat Well 101's recipe for Fried Butter Gnocchi with Garlic & Parmesan is crisped up in just 15 minutes.