Eminem's Restaurant, Mom's Spaghetti, Has Big Super Bowl News

While Eminem might be part of the mostĀ anticipatedĀ 12-minute performance during Super Bowl LVI, it isn't his only connection to the weekend's festivities. For anyone looking to carbo-load before the game, Mom's Spaghetti will open a pop-up location as part of the weekend's festivities, as reported by People.com. Just make sure to grab some napkins, because no one wants to spill these pasta dishes on their shirt.

The limited-time pop-up restaurant will be open on Wednesday, February 9 through Sunday, February 13 at Uncle Paulie's Deli. In addition, delivery orders are available via Postmates. The limited menu features the traditional Mom's Spaghetti, served with and without meatballs, as well as S'getti Sandwich, which is the Mom's Spaghetti sandwiched between two pieces of Texas toast.

The special West Coast edition of the Eminem restaurant is the latest iteration of the dining concept. Before there was a stand-alone location in Detroit, the concept was developed through special pop-up events (per NPR.com). The enthusiasm over the homey spaghetti dishes with a nod to the iconic rap lyric seemed to satisfy a hunger stirring within fans. Whether people slurp those noodles because of the celebrity connection or the comfort food flavor remains to be seen. But, some may argue that eating enough pasta could bring extra energy and keep those knees from being weak.

What makes Mom's Spaghetti a non-traditional pasta dish?

While some Italian grandmothers might have a secret gravy on that spaghetti, that forkful of comfort food is more than just a combination of ingredients. The homey quality satisfies. With Mom's Spaghetti, Eminem's restaurant, that "like mom makes" sentiment seem to drive each bite. According to a New York Times review, the restaurant doesn't strive to be sophisticated Italian cooking. Rather, it is meant to be "motherly" fare.

Since the pasta is reheated in wok with sauce, it could be reminiscent of a typical mom's leftovers, similar to the pan pasta that she would make the day after spaghetti and meatballs. Whether it is the cooking method, the texture, or even the sauce, this food is not meant to be haute cuisine. It is meant to satisfy without being pretentious, something that might apply to Eminem himself. Maybe the biggest takeaway from this restaurant is that food doesn't have to have just one shot. That second day pasta might be even more satisfying when it is served with a little motherly love.