What NFL Player Cooper Kupp Really Eats In A Day

In the week leading up to Super Bowl time, it is hard not to think of football day in and out. Super Bowl food focuses span from wild commercials of well-known brands like Pepsi to deals for discounts and free items from many establishments offering fans the opportunity to make sure their parties satisfy every guest's taste. But in thinking about what you are going to eat at your Super Bowl shindig, have you ever wondered what the players diets look like to get them where they are?

Some, like Tom Brady, are incredibly strict, limiting intake to almost entirely vegan foods, with the occasional lean meat thrown in for added protein. Others, like Reggie Kelly, claim their diet always includes salmon, sweet potatoes, and hummus to fuel their sports-centered days. Typical Super Bowl foods don't make the list of the likes of Joe Montana, and from the sounds of it, they do not make the list for Cooper Kupp anymore either, and we can thank his wife for the dietary choices he now makes. 

Kupp cuts back

As ESPN notes, Kupp's coach bragged that when the wide receiver was drafted by the Los Angeles Rams five years ago he was already something special, but has really become a superstar as of this year, helping lead them to the Super Bowl. And Kupp credits this peak in performance to his new diet. Kupp told Insider that the change came with the encouragement and guidance of his wife, Anna. In lieu of average Super Bowl junk food, he has now adopted a clean eating lifestyle.

The diet, based on nutritional science and its impact on his achievement on the field, now consists wholly of "farm-to-table meat and vegetables and ocean-to-table fish," giving up his former diet, which involved a fair amount of "fast food tacos" and "pizza, breadsticks, and cinnamon sticks from Pizza Hut." Despite the high cost of the new way of eating, the added nutrients and local fruits and vegetables mean he is in better shape than ever — maybe even good enough to fuel a Super Bowl win.