J. Lo Just Revealed Her Go-To Food Indulgence

It's no secret that Jennifer Lopez is serious about what she consumes daily in order to maintain the energy needed for powerhouse performances, from belting out her hits on stage to appearing on the silver screen in movie roles. In 2019, J. Lo's life coach and trainer Dodd Romero told Us Weekly that her diet that contains plenty of organic and whole foods and an abundance of vegetables and water. In 2016, Jenny from the block let Hollywood Life know that she also avoids caffeine and alcohol.

However, that doesn't mean she sticks to that way of eating all the time — in fact, in a recent appearance on "The View," she revealed that she "eat[s] everything." Lopez also has a go-to indulgence. And many people with a sweet tooth can likely identify with it. The word-savvy celeb even has a catchy name for her treat of choice. Furthermore, there's apparently a special recipe that she loves, which she's given the fitting nickname "J-Dough."

Nestle Toll House reacted to J-Dough

As Jennifer Lopez explained in an interview on "The View," "J-Dough" is the name she uses to describe a specific kind of chocolate chip cookies. She didn't divulge all her secrets, but she did specify that her indulgence of choice must come right from the oven, hot and fresh, with a bit of salt and "a special kind of chocolate." But perhaps fans can cross their fingers for a full reveal in the future.

Nestle Toll House expressed interest in getting into the J-Dough game. The brand tweeted, "We seriously need to know what's in this secret J-Dough recipe! Maybe there's a collab in our future." It's arguably a valid request because even though such a dessert may seem incredibly simple, there are different varieties of chocolate chip cookies with all sorts of tweaks made in the pursuit of perfection or at least confection. And, as Delish, for instance, while celebrity chef Adam Richman swears by Toll House's iconic recipe from the chocolate chip bag, restaurateur Judy Joo prefers to mimic the bakery Levain's cookies.

If Lopez did bring J-Dough to the market one day, she wouldn't have the only celeb-approved chocolate chip cookies on the block. Back in 2018, for example, Buzzfeed's YouTube channel, Tasty, did a chocolate chip cookie-off in which they pitted several recipes against one another — Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg, Dwayne Johnson, Kourtney Kardashian, and Michelle Obama all had recipes.