Gordon Ramsay Divides Instagram With Latest Pineapple Pizza Diss

Pineapple pizza is already a divisive topic, but if you can count on anyone to throw even more fuel on the fiery debate, it's Gordon Ramsay. What has the highly opinionated celebrity chef said now? In true Ramsay form, the "Hell's Kitchen" star just shared a hot take on pineapple pizza, revealed during his 2022 Super Bowl commercial for Amazon Alexa. 

Ramsay posted the ad for the smart speaker on Instagram with the caption, "If Alexa could read my mind." Speaking from the chef's kitchen, the digital assistant heeds some classically Ramsay-esque requests, such as, "Searching for the f***ing lamb sauce on the web." After Alexa reads the restaurateur's mind about Hawaiian-style pizza, however, she apologizes: "I'm sorry, I can't remove pineapple pizza from existence." Ramsay's response? Angrily whacking his cutting baord with a large cleaver, which should remove any ambiguity about which side of the pineapple pizza debate he falls on.

Do fans agree with Ramsay's pineapple pizza diss?

Naturally, Ramsay's Instagram followers had thoughts about his stance on pineapple pizza. Many disagreed with the chef, such as one apt user who said, "The sweetness of the pineapple is so good with the savory ham." Another suggested that the dish is taken "to the next level" with add-ons like jalapeños and banana peppers. A less sympathetic disagreer made the Ramsay-style comment, "Pineapple on pizza is delicious you idiot sandwich!!"

Of course, other responses aligned with Ramsay's anti-pineapple view. "Nailed it w pineapple pizza #blasphemy," said one like-minded follower. Another commented, "The fact that you disagree with pineapple on pizza makes me respect you even more." Yet another wrote, "Who even invented pineapple pizza in the first place? Why??" We're so glad they asked. Pineapple on pizza dates back to 1962, according to the BBC. That's when the "Hawaiian" pizza was invented by Canadian restaurant owner Sam Panopoulos. It seems like the idea for this pizza was inevitable; Hawaii had been named an American state just three years earlier, and interest in the Islands' culture was growing on the mainland. Plus, canned pineapple was beginning to appear on store shelves. Though we can't read Ramsay's mind (and neither can Alexa — yet), we're pretty confident that his Super Bowl meal did not include this sweet and salty pizza.