Guy Fieri Fans Are Loving Bud Light's 2022 Super Bowl Commercial

Bud Light has expanded its sights beyond typical beer. According to Bustle, the brand released a new hard soda in flavors like cola, cherry cola, citrus, and orange. These products clock in with 5% ABV, and Bud Light plans to keep these drinks with zero sugar around indefinitely. While hard sodas can get a ton of fans excited, the brand has to compete against a variety of hard seltzers out there and stand out from the crowd. To do so, Bud Light tapped the Mayor of Flavortown for a Super Bowl commercial that got social media talking.

Guy Fieri made a cameo in a Super Bowl ad supporting the product and fans loved the appearance, per YouTube. The commercial features the denizens of the mythical Flavortown bursting out of a refrigerator at a party to bring back Bud Light's hard sodas to their leader, Guy Fieri. Upon receiving the beverages, Fieri then declares the hard sodas as having the loudest flavor, causing the residents of the Flavorverse to celebrate the news. The ad struck a chord with viewers and fans haven't stopped talking about Fieri's appearance.

A loud response to loud flavors

Social media users loved Fieri's appearance in the commercial. After the ad's premiere, tweets like "the Flavortown ad for seltzer was wild. I genuinely laughed when Guy Fieri was revealed," and "The @budlight x @flavortown was the best commercial hands down. Everyone having the @GuyFieri look was genius," made waves. One user claimed the appearance made their evening, saying, "My favorite part of the Super Bowl? @GuyFieri, easily." One user took the excitement to the next level, claiming, "Seeing Guy Fieri in Flavortown made me start ovulating."

Fans who made it to the Super Bowl even got an in-person taste of Fieri. The celebrity made an appearance in a selfie with Martha Stewart and one astute Twitter user even noted, "Guy is holding the hard seltzer from the commercial. Dude is always on!" We have yet to see how Bud Light's new hard soda performs on the market, but at the very least, the brand struck gold by tapping Fieri for an unforgettable commercial.