Twitter's Title Ideas For An Alton Brown Horror Movie Are A Real Scream

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Alton Brown is a man with wide-ranging tastes, and we're not just talking about food. A few months ago, he shared a short video clip of himself enjoying some classic Rankin/Bass Christmas animation along with his adorable Boston Terrier, Scabigail. While he may enjoy sweet holiday fare, it seems Brown's quite fond of horror movies, as well, if a recent tweet of his is any indication. (He does not say if Scabigail is also a fan.) The tweet was directed at a certain horror streaming service, telling them, "Dear @Shudder I am going to make you a really tasty food horror movie."

Food horror? Is that even a thing? Apparently so. There are quite a few movies about cannibalism, and several of the comments on Brown's tweet reference one called "Long Pig," a mockumentary about a gourmet serial killer. ScreenRant also reminds us of the whole "killer foods" genre, including such classics as "Poultrygeist," "The Gingerdead Man," and, of course, "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes." Brown did not initially elaborate on which of these sub-genres he was leaning towards, or whether he had something entirely different in mind, so his Twitter fans were eager to supply him with ideas ... food for thought, as it were.

Brown's already got an idea in mind

Some of Alton Brown's Twitter followers replied to the idea of his proposed foodie horror film by providing  possible titles, among them "The Succubus Soufflé," "Night of the Living Bread," " Killer Kitchen," "Scream Brulee," "Cross ConDamination," and the truly chilling "Microwave Massacre II: Leftovers." (Noo!! Such a tragic waste of leftover pizza!)

Other Twitter users, however, supplied entire film treatments. One person suggested a movie where a would-be Iron Chef type goes in search of "the ultimate ingredient": a giant squid who turns out to be, you guessed it, a 'hyper-intelligent mutant." Another one proposed a movie where a family, trapped in a deserted hotel all winter, try out some new recipes to ward off the horror of flavorless meats. The title? It could only be "The Brining." Yet another Twitter wit noted that "Cutthroat Kitchen" just needs to get a bit more cutthroat, perhaps mixing in some "Saw"-style traps, and the movie script practically writes itself. One person, however, may have come closest to the mark when they suggested a movie dealing with something truly horrendous, indeed (just ask the entire city of Chicago): "a hotdog with ketchup on it." Brown promptly replied, "You read my script!"

You promised, Brown, now you'd better deliver. We can't wait to see "Tubesteak Massacre: We Said NO KETCHUP!!"