This Is The Hardest Challenge On Fast Foodies - Exclusive

According to the hosts of truTV show "Fast Foodies," a Mickey D's burger (sans real onions) holds the dubious honor of being the easiest fast food item to replicate. But, what's the hardest? Over two seasons of the series that tackles homemade versions of drive-thru staples as picked by celebrity guest stars, hosts and chefs Kristen Kish, Justin Sutherland, and Jeremy Ford have copycatted everything from White Castle's famous sliders to Cracker Barrel's unbeatable pancakes, Shake Shack's majestic Chicken Shack, and Domino's inexplicably satisfying pepperoni pizza — in other words, goodies from nearly every fast food chain in this universe and the next. (Ford even exclusively told Mashed that he's still waiting to do "little tiny" Krystal burgers – he'll have to hope that, in a possible Season 3, a like-minded celebrity gets tapped to join the show and pick that menu item.) 

One challenge, however, still gives both Ford and Sutherland the chills to this day. While you might think it's one of two-time celebrity guest Joel McHale's picks that's the culprit — his Season 1 hot dog challenge was tough, as Sutherland said, "because nobody makes a hot dog that fast" – but it was actually another celebrity who brought Kish, Sutherland, and Ford the copycat challenge that they'd be happiest forgetting ever walked into their kitchen. 

Plant-based nuggets were no easy task for the chefs

Enter "FBoy Island" host Nikki Glaser, who opened up Season 2 of "Fast Foodies" (that debuted in late January) with the hardest copycat challenge that both Sutherland and Ford said they've ever confronted. Guest star Glaser walked onto the "Fast Foodies" set hungry for some of McDonald's famous Chicken McNuggets. "It's something that is a treat, that reminds me of my childhood, and it just harkens back to a simpler time when I was happier and not motivated by fame and money," Glaser quipped on the show. "It's like a box of chocolates," she continued, "because you really don't know what the f*** is in these things." The stand-up comedian didn't want just any mystery ingredient copycat nuggets either. She wanted them vegan.

Sutherland, Ford, and Kish may have put their game faces on to please Glaser, but they were not, exactly, giddy. "The first episode of this season, those vegan nuggets were probably the most difficult thing we've had to do," Sutherland revealed to Mashed in a recent interview. "I don't think any of us really dabble that much into fake meats ... I never want to make a vegan nugget again!"

You can catch Nikki Glaser's full "Fast Foodies" episode now. Season 2 is currently on truTV with new episodes on Thursday nights.