Aldi Fans Are Cracking Up At These Recently Stocked Christmas Candles

Just as Valentine's Day candy tends to linger a little bit on the shelves after February 14, so does Christmas décor after December. It's not uncommon to still see stockings, garland, kitschy Christmas decorations, and other holiday-related items on the discount shelf, even in the middle of January. While some sites, such as Investopedia, may suggest you stock up on these decorations since they're at a pretty deep discount compared to pre-holiday decorations, you probably don't want to buy — nor would you expect to see — any cheesy holiday sweaters or Santa-themed knick-knacks when we're almost into spring.

Unfortunately, this is the case for Aldi, which recently announced it had received a shipment of new candles. Not a totally shocking exclaimer to be sure, but these aren't just any ordinary candles. These are Huntington Home brand Christmas candles, with scents ranging from Mistletoe & Fir, Cinnamon Pine Cone, and the holiday staple, Peppermint (via Aldi). The idea of making one's house smell like a Christmas tree farm or candy canes in March certainly isn't a bad thing by any means. Yet many Aldi shoppers couldn't help but wonder just why the store was still loading up Christmas candles two months after the season had come and gone.

Aldi received a late shipment of candles

It would seem that Aldi wasn't just trying to stir up some early Christmas-in-July hype by surprising customers with Christmas sales, but it instead seems that this was a very late shipment of holiday candles that the store was supposed to have received before the winter holiday. Aldi's customers on Instagram understood that this was part of the current supply chain problem but were nonetheless surprised and somewhat confused to see these Christmas and holiday candles back on the shelf.

"I didn't even think about supply chain issues," said one commentator. "I just thought 'why are they still putting out Christmas candles???!' " Another commenter wrote, "I think this is ridiculous. Candles lose scent over time. I'm not buying Christmas candles now."

It would seem, judging by other Instagram comments, that certain Aldi stores still have supply chain issues, with one commenting that their store doesn't have string cheese but can stock up candles, while another claimed their store still had Thanksgiving greeting cards. Some customers were just happy to have their favorite Christmas scents back, with one claiming, "I love a good Christmas tree scent year-round."

This isn't the first time Aldi has found itself struggling to deal with late items or ones out of stock. As grocery chains both large and small struggle to receive goods, it's unclear what else will wind up at Aldi at a later time — perhaps Valentine's Day cards for July 4?