PEEPS Wants You To Customize Its Easter Marshmallows. Here's How

Although it's still winter, companies are starting to think ahead to spring, with some brands rolling out promotions for Easter. Twizzlers is exchanging the classic twisted ropes for rabbit-shaped Twizzler bites, and of course, it wouldn't be Easter without Peeps making an appearance.

In the past, Peeps has launched some pretty creative flavors. Last year, the company released Peeps Hot Tamales as well as a product inspired by Froot Loops (via PR Newswire). And the brand isn't losing steam for this upcoming Easter season. Peeps is collaborating with The Original Donut Shop to bring some coffee-inspired marshmallows to your Easter basket, but if coffee isn't your go-to flavor, then Peeps' latest announcement might be more to your liking.

In fact, anyone who is a fan of Peeps will find this news exciting because the company is introducing customizable Peeps beginning on February 22. Insider shared a press release that says this promotion will be going on as supplies last, so if you want to make yourself a Peep tailored exactly to your tastes, now's the time to do it.

How do I make custom Easter PEEPS?

To make your own custom Peeps, head over to theĀ promotion's website. There are three steps in the process. The first is to choose what color you want your Peeps to be, and customers can pick between pink, yellow, and blue. Though bunnies might be big in the Easter world, the Peeps Marshmallow Chicks are the only Peeps available for customization.

Then, customers choose a chocolate dip that will cover the bottom of each Peep marshmallow: The options are dark chocolate, milk chocolate, and white chocolate. Finally, there's a sweet dipping, and here's where even more variety comes in. The sweet dippings include two types of sprinkles (confetti and nonpareil), toasted coconut, chocolate chips, crushed pretzel, and crushed cookie. You only get one choice in sweet dipping, so choose wisely. Each order of customized Peeps comes with 12 marshmallows and costs $29.95 (via Insider).

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