Almost 40% Of People Agree This Is The Best Easter Candy To Get In Your Basket

When it comes to holiday-themed candy, the Easter season brings out some of the best. Maybe it's the unique shapes and colorful wrappers of the treats, or the fact that their presence in the grocery store indicates that spring has arrived and summer is just a few short months away. Whatever the reason, there's just something about the specialty candies around this time of year that make them seem just a little bit sweeter.

There are dozens of different Easter candies available to put in an Easter basket these days, but only a few can reign supreme — and we know what kinds they are. A recent survey conducted by Mashed that polled 655 individuals in the United States revealed which particular treats people want to find hidden in the plastic, pastel-colored grass that lines the bottom of their Easter baskets (or pick up half-priced on the Monday following the holiday), and the results may not be as shocking as you'd think.

Starting from the bottom, Peeps came in last place amongst those that participated in our poll, only bringing joy to 8.24 percent of voters on Easter morning. This should come as no surprise, however, as another recent Mashed survey found that the treat was the least-favorite classic Easter candy out there (maybe those people would prefer their marshmallowy flavor in soda form instead). Earning only a slightly higher margin of favorability were jelly beans, which ranked second-to-last in our survey and gained 10.99 percent of votes.

People are most excited to see this egg-shaped candy in their Easter basket

Egg-shaped candy seemed to be a winner amongst the 655 participants in our survey, taking three of the top four spots in the poll. Cadbury Mini Eggs ranked as the fourth-best sweet to receive in an Easter basket, earning 11.6 percent of votes, while its sister treat, the Cadbury Creme Egg, was dubbed the "best" Easter basket candy by 15.88 percent of respondents.

The trend deviated a bit when it came to the number two spot in our survey, which went to the iconic chocolate bunny at 14.66 percent of votes. However, just as quickly as it left, the egg-shape came back, this time in the form of a Reese's Peanut Butter Egg, which was awarded the title of best Easter candy to get in an Easter basket by 38.63 survey respondents, or 253 people.

Reese's Cups are generally found to be a superior sweet amongst others on the shelf, though the egg-shaped version of the chocolate-peanut butter snack seems to be valued even more by candy connoisseurs. As Mashable noted, a study by the publication All Over Albany revealed that Easter-themed Reese's are slightly larger than a typical Reese's Cup, and contain more peanut butter as well. More of this delectable flavor combination and it's in festive shape? Count us in.