Duff Goldman Gets Caught Stealing Daughter's Fruit In Hilarious Pic

Anyone who follows celebrity chef Duff Goldman's Instagram account knows that he creates the most extravagant cakes and that he has the most adorable relationship with his daughter, Josephine. The proud dad uses the social media platform to promote his Charm City Cakes, share fun moments from the "Kids Baking Championship," and show off his baby girl. 

You'll find a lovely close-up photo highlighting her long eyelashes on her first birthday with the caption "You are the most beautiful thing I've ever seen." There's also a post of the cake he made for her birthday featuring a unique character, a "forest spirit" named Totoro from the Japanese anime movie "My Neighbor Totoro."

Goldman shares the set of alphabet building blocks he is hand-making for Josephine, some featuring favorite food words like the "T is for Taco" block and the "K is for Kebab" block. Could the famous baker's social media get any more heartwarming? Yes, yes it can.

Josephine has no tolerance for stolen bananas

The Charm City Cakes founder has posted a theft to Instagram. The crime was captured in a picture of himself and his daughter, sitting side-by-side in a kitchen, with a meal placed only in front of her. The dish appears to have sliced strawberries and bananas and, of course, there's a most excellent blue sippy cup sure to make her the envy of any toddler. Josephine is looking at her father with her fingers to her lips and he also has his fingers to his lips, giving her a guilty side-eye. "I think Josephine knows I just stole a piece of her banana," Goldman captioned the post. 

Laughter reigned in the comments with plenty of crying laughing emojis alongside the heart eyes and red heart emojis. "At least it wasn't a Cheerio. Then the gloves come off," joked one Instagrammer while another applauded Goldman's parenting, writing, "Your are an amazing hands on Daddy." A third user took Josephine's side in this battle of the bananas, commenting, "Lol she is so smart! Take care of your food Josephine lol #cutebaby."

While there are many things we don't know about Duff Goldman, one thing we do know for sure is that he adores his daughter...and bananas too.