The Tipping Rule DoorDash Redditors Wish You Would Follow

DoorDash drivers bring the culinary world to their customers' fingertips. But these couriers — known as Dashers — have a lot to say about the way they earn income through the app. Ridester estimated that in 2021, Dashers earned just under $11 an hour (not including tips) but according to DoorDash's website, Dashers can make as much as $25 per hour including tips.

Dasher pay is based on three different components that depend on multiple factors. The base pay ranges from $2 to $10, per the distance they travel for an order, the time they spend completing the order, and the complexity of the order. DoorDash promotions, another income source, come into play often when Dashers take on more than their average workload. One promotion, for example, includes the referral program that offers incentives for referring others to the service for employment. Finally, dashers keep 100% of their tips, contributing to their earnings, but these vary widely from customer to customer. This is part of the big problem DoorDash drivers are facing and has some Reditters contemplating an ideal $5 tip minimum on every order.

What Dashers want you to know about tipping

A Reddit thread indicates that some DoorDash employees are in favor of a $5 minimum tip for every order. The thread, titled "If you're tipping under $5 you should definitely be waiting outside," has garnered major traction, with 379 comments thus far, although you may be surprised by the general consensus.

Not all commenters agreed that tipping should begin at $5, but some claimed a minimum $5 base pay would be nice. One user shared "If these delivery services paid 5 dollar base, it would solve a lot of problems." Another Redditor admitted, "I don't expect people to spend $10-20 on basic food or drinks then tip me $5 on top of that I'm not a waiter. Looks like Door dash is a rip off for customers and workers."

Dashers can select which orders they want to complete, and the tip is often a factor, according to a driver who took to TikTok to explain how it works for her. "If you don't tip us, we don't have to take your order," she said. "...your order just sits there." She then flashed a photograph of more than 20 orders waiting to be picked up. She encouraged customers to remember that they are not required to tip dashers, and dashers are not required to select their order. Sounds like a great tip from this DoorDash driver.