The Best Three-Person Rivalry On Hell's Kitchen, According To Fans

Fox's perennial hit, "Hell's Kitchen," never has a dull moment. If renowned celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay isn't firing off an assortment of British expletives at contestants, or furrowing his forehead in distress, the competitors are usually stirring up some strife of their own. The cooking competition, of course, has high stakes — a head chef position at a famed Ramsay restaurant and an impressive salary to boot — so it naturally brings out the best (or worst) in some people.

As viewers watch the participants interact in the dorms after the dinner service, it can be riveting to see them form precarious alliances, fight to keep inflated egos in check, and plot to send specific people home. At least when Gordon Ramsay unleashes one of his infamous verbal attacks, it's short-lived. But when a contestant rubs their team members the wrong way, they truly have a problem on hand. As "Hell's Kitchen" has proven time and time again, these competitive rivalries can last a full season — and they can get pretty ugly. 

Over the past 20 seasons, fans have met an array of foes and frenemies attempting to co-exist within tight quarters. One three-person rivalry that reigns supreme as the one that viewers loved to hate the most was Robyn vs. Kimmie vs. Tiffany in Season 10. According to Reddit, 112 out of 342 votes agreed that this trio was the one most at odds with each other.

The Robyn/Kimmie/Tiffany trio made for a memorable rivalry

Watching what started as an alliance devolve into an all-out war — as they got in each other's faces and forced audiences to turn down the volume as censors had to use record-levels of bleeps — made for some very captivating television. In fact, one of the most memorable battles in "Hell's Kitchen's" history happened when Kimmie learned that Robyn had "thrown her under the bus," and they exploded into a barrage of insults and in-the-face finger-pointing. A close second moment was when Tiffany blew up at Barbie, asking her if she "was ready to get choked out." These three seemed to start each day by preparing for battle.  

So, why did Reddit fans choose this trio as the "best three-person rivalry?" User Traitorlord stated, "Any resemblance of a friendship Robyn, Kimmie, and Tiffany had was purely based on a mutual dislike for Barbie, so it was hilarious when it fell apart and they turned on each other." Tiffany seemed to receive the most criticism from Reddit users with a few sticking up for Robyn and Kimmie. As Redditor Rowhai offered, "At least Robyn had passion," while PichaelThompson6969 said Kimmie had "moments when she was so kind to people like Roshni and Christina." And several users mentioned that, when Robyn returns for Season 17's All-Stars series, she showed tremendous growth. One thing that these three fiery cooks have proven is that bad behavior may not win you friends, but in "Hell's Kitchen," it makes fans take notice and remember you for years to come.